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Yes, in at least some countries that use ATMs and accept credit cards. Then you can withdraw money from ATMs, or use your debit card like a credit card for transactions at a hotel for instance. If you are in a place where technology of that sort is unavailable, then plastic won't do you much good.

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You may use your Chase MasterCard in other countries. However, you will be slapped with a 'Foreign Transaction Fee' whenever you use it. You will have to contact your local bank or over-the-phone customer service rep to determine exactly the rate of the fee. It would really just be easier, in my opinion, to withdraw all the money that you will be using in America before you go to avoid paying the fee, but that is at your discression.

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Generally, yes. You should let your credit card company know where and when you will be using the card. Otherwise you may experience delays when the company suspects the account number has been stolen when you try to use it.

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You'd give them the account details of the account the card is tied to, not the details of the card itself.

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Yes, you can use your Santander debit card abroad to make purchases. I travel a lot and I use my Santander debit card outside UK without any issue.

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Q: Can you use your credit card in other country?
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Can you use a credit card to pay off other credit cards?

Yes. Contact your credit card company. They will need the account numbers of your other credit cards.

Does the Kohls Credit card only work in store?

The Kohl's credit card only works in Kohls. It is not a major credit card and therefore can only be used at that store. Other credit cards are available for use at other stores.

Where can you use a Horizon Gold credit card?

You can use your Horizon Gold credit card for purchases at It is not like a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or other traditional credit cards.

What state accepts credit cards?

all states accept credit cards there arent any that do not accept use of a credit card. I think other countries even allow the use of a credit card

Can I use my roman's credit card in other places?


How does a credit card differ from a debit card?

When you use credit card for purchasing goods and services, the credit card issuer pays for it first and you pay the credit card company. On the other hand, when you purchase using a debit card, your purchases are charged to your bank account.

Is it better to use a credit card when traveling out of the country?

It is better to bring a credit card when you travel because.............You don't have to carry a lot of cashSo you don't lose your cash if you do bring cashLast but not least no one robs youThat's why you should bring a credit card when you go out of the country!4. easier to carry.__Most travellers carry a card and some currency of the country being visited. This because not all services a visitor may wish to use card readers and the ability to submit debit/credit card transactions

To apply for a credit card you can use tomorrow?

credit card you can use tomorrow

What is a secured credit card and an unsecured credit card?

A secured credit card is a pay to play system. That is you must bank a certain amount with the issuing bank before you may use the card. If that balance is met or exceeded, your ability to use the card will end. An unsecured card is a type of loan; you may use the card up to your assigned limit with no penalty (other than that outlined in the credit agreement).

Are credit card and debit card money What is difference between credit and debit cards?

A credit card is when you are loaned money by the card company and are able to use it before hand; after which you have to pay them back. A debit card on the other hand is a card with your money on it and you use it as you wish but once the card has no money left, you have to put more money on it before you can use it again.

Can a fuel companies charge more to use a credit card?

In the United States, some states allow a discount for cash if a person does not use a credit card, other states do not.

Can you use a credit card if its frozen?

If you mean a credit freeze, then no, you will not be able to use the card.