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No, you cannot use a DSi Action Replay for the Wii - there isn't even a slot for DS games on the Wii. The DSi Action Replay can only be used for a DSi console.

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I dont think you can because there is no place to open up action replay

no the dsi........hold on try it out because i still dont have the action replay

Ok...... All you out there if you dont want cheats then dont get action replay!

Dont buy a action replay just for that game it is not on the action replay

NO They dont as it says when you open your Ds with Action replay.

I am sorry, but you will need a Action Replay because there is no place to input the codes without one.A action replay cost from $25.00 to $40.00 + Tax depending on where you buy it.However, if you have an R4 game cartidge, you do not need to use action replay if you have a game loaded onto there already.-Orignal Anwser-you need action replay because there is no place to input codes without itds action replay:$19.99+taxHowever if you have an R4 game cartridge you dont need to use the action replay if you have the game loaded onto there

dont use action replay . It broke my dsi in april10 2009

todile is hard to get but there is an action replay but it is really long so dont bother

Yes you can only in action replay and if u dont got action replay no

YES. there are billions of action replay codes for platinum. i would tell you some, but i dont use the action replay. (i suggest not to ethier)

The legal one where you dont use action replay and just throw your action replay in the bin now!!!!!

you have to buy but i dont know where

i dont know if there even is a action replay for game boy

You get it via a special event or you can use action replay best u dont use action replay

There is Thrillville action replay codes. I dont know any yet though

you cant not even for black it freezes the action replay dont use your action replay on any of those two games because your game data could be gone wait till a new ar (action replay) comes out or just play without action replay bye bye

The action replay works for the DS. But there are 2 kinds. the DS lite and the DSI action replay. I dont know about the original DS but i think you can get one.

yes, but if you get a ds action replay, ds action replays dont work on a dsi or dsixl

you have to look online or have an action matter what you have to have an action replay to enter codes on ds with action replay or not. it is weird but you should figure it out. i dont have an action replay but i do just so happen to know a LOT about technology and how it works...:);)

If your action replay is not working after you type in a code then the person you got that code from is a bad person with pokesav. He makes codes that mess up your action replay. BEWARE!!!!!!!

dont use action replay cards. they ruin ur ds

i dont no but u need action replay 4 it 2 work

i dont know what WA stands for but you can get an action replay ds at wallmart an game stop