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If imagery for a given area in Google Maps is older than 2007 you must wait for an update in that area.

If imagery is more recent than 2007 Google Maps doesn't provide a 'historical imagery' view as Google Earth does. In that case you have to download/install Google Earth to see old/historical imagery.

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How does Google Maps get the street view for the maps?

According to Google Maps's behind the scenes website, there are Google Maps cars that drive around with cameras and other equipment mounted on them. These cars constantly take pictures of where they drive. These pictures are what you see on Google's street view. Google has been mapping street view in the United States since 2007, and has even started doing street view in other countries.

Who invented Street View?

Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth launched in 2007.

What year does Google take the Google Maps pictures?

The satellite images in Google Maps and Google Earth are on average 3 years old. Street view images tend to be much newer.

Google space pictures of earth?

Google Earth and Google Maps are great tools to view high-resolution satellite imagery of the Earth.

Where is Google Headquarters on the Google Maps?

Search for Google on Google Maps; it's in Mountain View, California.

What is Google satellite compared to Google Maps and Google Earth?

"Google satellite" gives you, as the name says it, a satellite view of an area. This feature is integrated into Google Maps and Google Earth. The Maps' satellite view is not in real time, however.

What are the different views in Google Maps?

Google Maps has following different views:Map ViewSatellite ViewEarth View (*)Street View(*) Note Earth View is using the Google Earth API, which is basically running Google Earth within the web browser as a plugin.

Which is better the Google Maps app or Google Earth app?

Google Earth and Google Maps are two mapping applications each with their own strengths. Google Maps is a web application that runs in a web browser, and Google Earth is a desktop or mobile application. Sometimes Google Maps is better for a given situation (e.g. finding directions) and other times Google Earth is better if you want a more emersive virtual tour of a mountainous terrain. Google Earth can directly plugin to a GPS device showing the location in 3-D view. Over the years Google has blurred the line between Google Maps and Google Earth making it easy to switch from one to another. Primarily Google Earth gives you a 3-D view while Google Maps gives a user a 2-D view, but you can switch to a Google Earth plugin view from Google Maps for the 3-D view. Likewise, you can switch to Google Maps from a given view in Google Earth.

How do you get to street view on Bing maps?

by google map or google earth

How old are the street views on Google Maps?

Street View was launched in May 2007 so no photographs are older than that.

What site can you view street view?

Google Maps from the web browser and Google Earth from the desktop can view Street View. you can also view traffic.

What is the orange thing in Google maps called?

The orange "pegman" icon in classic Google Maps is the tool to activate Street View mode in Google Maps. Normally you drag the orange "pegman" icon onto the map to activate street view mode at that location. The new Google Maps interface is redesigning the street view user interface.

How does Google street view get images?

Google has people ride around in either cars or on bikes. These vehicles have a 360 degree camera attached to the top that take the pictures for the street view interface. Once processed by Google the images are made available to both Google Earth and Google Maps simultaneously.

Why can't i street view in Mexico in Google Maps?

You can, but it is a rather new functionality added to Google Maps / Google Earth, and at the moment, the street view is only available for major avenues and roads.

How can you remove your house pictures from Google Maps?

It may not be possible to remove your house from overhead maps, but if you send a request to Google asking them to remove your house from Street View they may blur it if they approve it. You must select "Report a Problem" link at bottom right of Street View then select "Privacy Concerns".

Where can you find satellite pictures of your house?

Google Maps and Google Earth are a good place to start.Enter your address into Search panel then press Enter and let it fly-to that address. To see street-view imagery activate Street View mode.

What is the maximum resolution of Google Street View?

Some of resolution of pictures on Google Street View is higher than other pictures. Some pictures feature resolution from five years ago, for example and that is already outdated. The exact maximum resolution of Google Street View is not disclosed.

Can you view Google Maps history and how long ago?

Google Maps does not provide the historical imagery view feature that is available in Google Earth. To see past imagery you must use Google Earth. See related details in link below.

What is the use of Google Maps?

Google Maps help you to list your business on local search and reach your customer to you.

When was Google Street View created?

Google Street View was created on 2007-05-25.

How can you update photos at Street View?

When Google updates it street view photos in its image database then these updates are made available to Google Maps and Google Earth.

What is the website that you can see pic of your house?

Google Maps will let you see an bird's eye view of your house and Zillow lets you see pictures and the approximate value of your house.

Where can you find a vitural map to celeberties houses?

Try Google maps or Google Street View

When were the Google Maps pictures taken of kingsland tx?

Google Maps doesn't display the imagery dates, but Google Earth does. That's Google Earth the desktop application not the 'Earth' mode found in Google Maps. Since both use the same imagery database you only need to visit the same area in Google Earth and enable the 'Status Bar' in View menu to show the approximate imagery date in lower-left corner of the screen.

How can you view your city?

Go to googleearth.com or Google Maps and sign up!

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