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The better question would be, "is it ethical?" There are more appropriate ways to leave your job. Walking out on people who are depending on you is not one of them. Sometimes employees get frustrated (sometimes for good reasons), but you should put things in proper perspective, and respond appropriately which shows maturity and integrity. If you feel you must leave, that's fine, but give notice and exit with dignity. This will also help your finding other employment, and will help your resume.

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Q: Can you walk out your job at a nursing home is it illegal?
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Where can a nurse get a job?

You can get a job at a nursing home or a job at a school if they don't have no one there.

What was florence nightingel first job?

it was at a nursing home

Job description for a certified nursing assistant do in Florida?

A job description for a certified nursing assistant in Florida is standard. The CNA will assist hospitals and nursing home residents with daily living skills.

What kind of training do I need to get a job working in a Nursing Home?

You do neet any specific form of training to get a job working in a nursing home. Nursing homes usually train you on the job.

Where can I find nursing home jobs?

There is no such thing as a nursing job that you can do at home. At best case scenario, you could apply for a live in position at a independent living facility.

Working As A Nurse?

When you are looking for a nursing job, keep your options open. The easiest place to get a nursing job is at a nursing home. They are always looking for people who know their job and can care for the patients. You can also apply at hospitals since they have several different departments you can work in.

Can an administrator of a nursing home be sued if they do not comply with ministry standards on purpose even when brought to their attention in writing?

The administrator of the nursing home cannot be sued but you may be able to sue the nursing home. The administrator may lose his or her job though.

What does the Warden suggest Paul do to get rid of Percy?

He suggests a job for him working at a nursing home(mentally infirm institution). Ironically, he ends up in the nursing home (mentally infirm institution).

How can a convicted felon get in a nursing home?

They will check your records and background and am sure that will pop out and make you less attractive in getting a job in a nursing home. But it doesn't hurt to try, you have nothing to lose...

After getting a nursing licenses can you get a nursing job?

It is very essential to have the license of nursing if you want to join nursing industry. You can easily find the job if license is there with you.

How do you get a job as a caregiver?

You should first make sure you are qualified in basic first aid and home health concepts. Then look for a job through an online job listing or through local nursing home referrals.

What kind of job can you get as an RN outside of a hospital?

hospics assisted living, nursing home, maybe more