Can you wash algodon cotton

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Can you wash algodon cotton
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Will a shirt made of 100 percent cotton algodon shrink in the wash?

No not for me. I have this one shirt made with 100% cotton algodon that has been through at least 15 washes and it still maintain its size and shape. And algodon is just spanish for cotton by the way.

Is wash a transitive verb?

yes the word wash is transitive

A dishwasher can wash 14 plates per minute Another dishwasher can wash 10 plates per minute How many minutes will it take them working together to wash 1560 plates?

65 Both they wash 24 plates per minute, so they can wash together 1560 plates in 1560/24 = 65 minutes.

Who was John Watson what did he do with little albert?

Watson was a Psychologist and a key figure in the development of behaviourist Psychology. He put little Albert in a room with a white rat. He then waited for Albert to approach or touch the rat. At this point, he clanged a loud metal bar. This eventually lead to Albert being scared of the rat, a fear which spilled out onto other fluffy white things like cotton wool or santa's beard.

What is parallel retreat of slope?

Parallel retreat of slope is a method of erosion by which the steep wash slope and free face of Pediments ( Gently inclined rocky floors close to mountains at their foot with or without a thin cover of debris ) retreat backwards. So,through Parallel retreat of slopes, the pediments extend backwards at the expense of moutain front, and gradually ,the mountain gets reduced leaving only a remnant of the mountain (Inselberg). This type of erosion reduce high relief in desert areas to low featureless plains.