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Q: Can you watch a Blu-ray DVD from a PS3 on to your computer?
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Does a playstation 2 have Blu-ray?

No it has a DVD the PS3 has Bluray

Can you play bluray videos on regular DVD players?

no. u can only play 'em on bluray players or ps3

How do you get films on the PS3?

Netflix Playstation store DVD BluRay discs

Can you play ps3 games on a blu-ray player?

No, a BluRay player simply plays video, picture and audio content and is not designed to run games software written for a PS3. On the other hand, a PS3 has a BluRay player built in and can therefore play BluRay and DVD discs.

Do PS3 games work on a ps2?

no they do not PS3 games are on Bluray discs and the PS2 does not even have blue ray only DVD

What does a disk driive do in ps3?

It reads the discs whether they are CD DVD or BluRay, it can not write or burn discs

Can a zenith dvd player play blu-ray discs?

No it cannot you need a ps3 or a bluray player

Is their a difference between FF13 for Xbox and for PS3?

the only difference is that the cut scenes look a little better on PS3 due to 360 having to compress them to fit on a dvd vs a bluray.

What happens if you put a ps3 game in your computer?

It does not Play and it does not damage the game or the computer if it is not scratched while you are doing it. Computers can not Play PS3 games and many computers do not even have BluRay disc drives to read the discs that most PS3 games come on

How do you play PS3 games on bluray?

The PS3 must be connected to a 1080P HDTV with a HDMI cable. The PS3 will play the BluRay Game on a Standard TV and it will only be at 480i

Can you watch DVD movies on xbox360?

Yes, but you can only watch blu-ray on PS3.

Can you watch an DVD on the Wii?

No, only PS@ and PS3's do that.

Can a PS3 play a Blu-ray DVD?

yes, i own one and i watch my blue rays in my PS3

Can PS3 spider man wed of shadows game work on the ps2 consel?

No it can not. Ps2 games work on Ps3 not the other way around.Ps2 only supports DVD based games were ps3 games are bluray disc. hope that amswer ur question.

How do you burn a DVD to watch movie in ps2?

In my case I record the movies and TV Shows on my Media Center Computer and burn a copy on a DVD of any TV shows or Movies I have recorded. I play them on my PS3 and then I give them to someone who watches them without any trouble on there PS2. I don't know how others do this except that I do know the PS2 or PS3 will not burn a DVD or any other disc and they must be done on a DVD recorder or a PC with a DVD writer and then played on the PS2 or PS3

Can a ps3 game be played on a PS1 system?

No the PS1 does not play the PS3 or PS2 games. It was built with a CD disc reader and the games are DVD and BluRay. That is just one of many reasons the PS1 can not play the other games

Are all PS3 games blueray?

No not all PS3 games that are on Discs are on BluRay Discs and most do not use full Bluray capability for the resolution ( not done in 1080P )

Does bluray work on PlayStation 3?

yes the PS3 is a Bluray Player, but it needs to be correctly connected to a 1080P HDTV to actually work. For most it is simply connect with HDMI cable to 1080P HDTV and blu ray works and DVD upgrades to near 1080P

Where can you buy assassins creed embers on a dvd or bluray for ps3?

i too was looking for it. to the best of my knowledge all i could find was that it was included in with AC revelations on the limited edition

Why you cant play ps3 games on PC?

ps3 games are bluray disc

Can ps3 bluray work with a component?


Is the size of ps2 CD and computer CD same?

The DVD for PS2 and the CD for a Computer game or a DVD for a computer game are the same size and so is the PS3 Blue Ray Discs.

What DVD will the PlayStation 3 play?

PS3. can play all dvds, you can buy a DVD from the stores and you can watch it there, if you burn a DVD from your computer there are two ways of burning it, you can burn it like a usb flash drive where you can change your files on your CD, this will not work in a DVD player, or you can burn a DVD disk you can't edit the disks files. They both play in the ps3. Blu Ray disc are playstations 3 most recommend type of disc's that should be watched though the ps3. The high quality and amazing graphics makes it more entertaining.

How do you play the PS3 Call Of Duty DVD on a personal computer?

You do not Play PS3 games on a PC. You play them on a PS3. Buy PC games to play on a PC like it says on the game. Not that it would make any difference in being able to play it but the PS3 game is on a Blue-ray disc and your computer's DVD player can not even read the disc

How do you connect a ps3 controller to a xbox 360?

The PS3 Dual Shock 3 controller is a Bluray controller for the PS3 exclusively