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no dont do it. only Lady Gaga could pull it off, and frankly she looks awful.

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What is Best Buys dress code?

Blue Best Buy Polo, khaki pants, black or brown shoes and a belt that matches.

What color of shoes goes with blue violet dress?

White shoes are a good match to go with a blue violet dress or black

What to wear for church?

Sundays: jeans, good soes, polo Christmas: Black dress shoes, black dress pants, white, blue or red dress shirt, colorful tie Easter: Black, tan, navy suit, soild or striped tie, black dress soes

What are the dress code of sears department store?

Black or Khaki pants. Females can also wear Black or Khaki skirt or dress. White or black shirt - must have sleeves. Black or Dark Blue Polo Closed-toed black or Khaki shoes

Does a blue dress go with black heels?

Yes, a short blue dress goes with black. But if it was a long dress down to your ankles, i would wear white or clear or blue shoes.

How do you dress like a CIA agent?

Black and grey slacks. Black dress shoes. White or light blue dress shirts.

What color shoe to wear with blue plants?

the color shoes to wear with blue pants is black

What color dress goes with purple shoes?

A blue or a black colored shoe for go with a purple dress. Never were purple shoes with a purple dress.

What is the swedish national costume?

a blue and yellow dress with black shoes

What color of shoes should you wear with a Blue yellow and Cream dress?

Black. It goes with everything. But you can also wear either Blue, Yellow or Cream shoes because those are the colours of the dress.

Will black dress shoes go well with tight blue jeans?

This is not an easy look to pull off. If you must wear a black dress with tight blue jeans, go for a shorter dress with less in the front.

Is it ok to wear black shoes with tan pants and a dark blue shirt?

Brown would be better but without the dark blue shirt, maybe a brown shirt and brown shoes or a black shirt and black shoes. That would be much better. Dark blue and tan= wrong.

What color dress pants should you wear with a blue and white shirt?

I would wear Navy blue or maroon dress pants.

This necklace is red blue and black It goes well with black dresses and black shoes?

well wat color pants are you wearing? if its black it would match, but the blue would stand out

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