Can you wear contacts when you have pink eye?

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Of course not! The contact will make your eye even worse, just use your everyday glasses I'm sure you'll be fine. Or you can visit a local pharmacist to see if they have any lotion or eye drops to cure your 'pink eye then when it has gone you can then wear eye contacts.
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Is it okay to put eye drops in while wearing contacts?

There are drops specifically designed for contact lens wearers suffering from dry eyes but it is very important to talk to your Optometrist before using any drops. If you are experiencing dry eyes regularly- you may want to discuss with your Optometrist an alternative lens. There are some excellent ( Full Answer )

Can you wear contacts during or after a pupil dilation eye exam?

I would bring your regular glasses and sun glasses. Answer No, but you won't be able to see for a while, anyway. Answer I just got back from an eye exam. The optometrist told me to wear my contacts, but throw them away when I take them out for the night, and put on a new pair in the morning. H ( Full Answer )

How do you get pink eye?

This is also called conjunctivitis. It is highly contagious and transmitted by touching your face or eye when you have the germ. It can be caused by not washing your hands.

Can you wear contacts with a broken blood vessel in your eye?

Answer . No! Lenses at best can often irritate the eye. If you have glasses start wearing them and see your opthomologist (referred by your doctor.) Eyes are everything to people so one has to take absolutely no chances with damaging them further.

How can you prevent the pain and tearing in your eyes caused by wearing contacts?

Answer . If you have pain in your eyes from wearing contact lenses you should remove them immediately and make an appointment with your Optometrist.. You can avoid pain and irritation by doing the following:. Make sure that you are wearing the correct lens type- Contact lenses come in many dif ( Full Answer )

What is pink eye?

Pink eye, a bacterial infection of the conjunctiva (the eyes' mucus membrane), is spread by physical contact (touching the bacteria then touching your eyes). Pink eye is very contagious and can spread to both eyes but can usually be treated with mild antibiotics. If you have pink eye, see a doctor a ( Full Answer )

How can you stop your eyes from itching when wearing contacts?

Ensure that your are sticking to your wearing schedule- if you exceed the maimum wear-time of the lenses, they may become irritable. Make sure that you keep the lenses clean! Dirty lenses are a common cause of irritation. If you don't clean your lenses, you can get a nasty eye infection! Ensure that ( Full Answer )

What causes mucus build up in the eye when wearing contacts?

i was actually looking for the correct term but i saw my eye doctor he told me things form on the inside of the eyelid (pepulla or a P word i forget it). These are caused by the contact constantly rubbing against the eyelid while u blink. These bumps on your eyelid also produce an extreme amount of ( Full Answer )

How can you get pink eye?

By becoming infected. "Pink eye" is the common name of any number of pathogens that can infect the eyes. Most are contagious by touch transference. So, don't touch, don't contract. Or, touch and effectively wash your hands after and reduce the chances.

Can you wear the same contact lens in both eyes?

Not at the same time. You should have a left and a right lens. Each one is designed to correct the fault in the appropriate eye. So in short the answer is yes you can wear them in either eye (i.e. they would fit) but they will only work properly if you put them in the correct eyes.

Why does your eye hurt after wearing contacts?

Your eyes should not hurt after wearing contacts. In fact you shouldn't even feel discomfort! You need to wear your contacts less and glasses more. Also get some more sleep. Your eyes shouldn't hurt after wearing contacts. The first time when you wear contacts, your optometrist is suppose to gi ( Full Answer )

How do you get a pink eye?

You can get the pink eye by either getting the cold or just getting sick. The white part of the eye is very sensitive and will get sick any way it can. The bacteria of everything you touch and if you never wash your hands and touch you eye's you will eventually get a pinkeye in a day or two.

Does your eye have to pink to have pink eye?

No your eye does not have to be pink or red to have pink eye. Pink eye is when your eye itches really bad, and when you keep your eye closed for a long period of time, it gets crusted shut (disgusting..). Well theres your answer, hope you don't have pink eye! Its not a fun thing to have, and don' ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you have pink eye?

Pink eye can be transferred between people, so avoid rubbing youreyes and touching things. Wash your hands frequently to avoidspreading it. If you have not seen your doctor, do so. Your doctorwill most likely prescribe eye drops or allergy medication.Applying a warm compress to your closed eye may s ( Full Answer )

Does wearing someone's contacts hurt your eyes?

Each person has a unique eye shape and contact lenses are specifically fitted to an individual. If the contact lenses are too small, they will feel uncomfortable and tight and have the potential to rupture blood vessels in the eye or cause other, potentially serious, damage If they are too lose, the ( Full Answer )

Can you still wear the same pair of contacts after pink eye?

No. It's horrible for your eyes. The virus was spread onto your contact and you can't get it off with your regular solution. You need to buy new ones but you have to be 100% your pink eye is gone or you'll just damage another pair of contacts & your eye would get infected again. Im just recovering ( Full Answer )

Can you just wear the eye contact without the eyedrop?

If you are talking about soft contact lenses, and the lens is completely it just fell out of your eye and you want to put it back in, AND you cannot possibly get to your supplies or stop anywhere and get new supplies BUT you still need to drive with contacts...then I would say...go a ( Full Answer )

Does wearing contacts make your eyes worse or better?

Both .i have contacts and it did at times make my vision get worse but at times it'd get really good i dont know if its from the contacts or what but even if you get lasic eye surgery you can still in time get a bad vision again

What do you do if you have a pink eye?

Pink eye is usually caused by a virus and does not require medical care and should go away on its own in 5-10 days. Pink eye can be caused by a bacteria and then would need antibiotic ( in the form of eye drops). The most important thing to do is prevent the virus from spreading because it is very c ( Full Answer )

Can someone with good eyes wear contact lenses?

Yes, but it might not be good for their eyes. It is done all the time for movies and special effects. If they are properly fitted by an eye doctor, there shouldn't be any problem with them. They can by used for all sorts of novelty effects such as cat's eyes, or red eyes.

Can you wear false eyelashes when you have pink eye?

You could but it might make your eye hurt worse. If you do wear them, throw them away after ONE wearing. You will be re-contaminating your eye if you put them on a second time. I know it's hard, but don't rub!! Don't wear any makeup when you have pinkeye. It'll irritate your eyes to apply it. If y ( Full Answer )

Does it matter which eye you wear your contact in?

Usually yes, for several reasons. If each of your eyes have different prescriptions, you want to put the correct contact in the correct eye to help you vision in both eyes, instead of having the incorrect prescription in both eyes. Also, your eyes and the back of your eyelids generally are different ( Full Answer )

Can wearing contacts hurt your eyes?

Yes, wearing contacts can cause eye damage. If they are worn too long, they can cause the eye to dry out. They can also facilitate the growth of fungus and bacteria. But following the instructions of the eye doctor and taking proper care of the contact lenses will prevent these problems.

What could it be if your eyes swell up and turns red whenever you wear your contacts?

You may be over-sensitive to having something in your eye, for instance because your cornea is not perfectly smooth, or you may be over-sensitive or allergic to the protein buildup that happens on contact lenses, or your eyes may not like the restriction of oxygen that contacts cause. There are tho ( Full Answer )

Can circle lens contacts harm your eyes when you don't wear contacts?

You should always get your eyes fitted for contact lenses by your eye doctor, even if you don't need prescriptive lenses. This, combined with safe shopping, will help keep your eyes safe. Circle contact lenses, like any contact lens, is a medical device and needs to be fitted to your eye for a safe ( Full Answer )

Why do your eyes hurt when you are not wearing contacts?

Because they have a hard time adjusting because if you wear your contacts more than don't and u take them out one day it will be more blurry for about 30mins so it can adjust and it might hurt

Can eyes be pink and not be pink eye?

It depends if your eye is itching to have pink eye, if it's not itching see an eye doctor. you could also probably get contacts for pink eyes. but be careful!

What do you when you have pink eye?

Stay away from others, and drink lots of orange juice. Pink eye is a disease, and is spread! You need to go to the doctor and get a prescription for an ointment to clear up the infection. If you don't have it in both eyes, wash your hands often and try to keep them away from touching your eyes. Was ( Full Answer )

What are benefits of wearing eye glasses instead of contacts?

One of the major perks of wearing eye glasses is the decrease risk of eye infection. If Contact lenses are not cleaned correctly, the bacteria from daily wear can cause eye infections. Also, not paying attention to how you apply your lenses can cause damage to your eye.

Can you wear eye contacts for a year?

There are some lenses which you can wear for an year but the replacement scheduler is everyday basis, means that you have to remove them in the night. Lenses which you can wear for an year our bausch and lomb b4/u4.