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My children have had pink eye several times and if your eye is bleeding it sounds like more than pink eye! Are you sure you have not just scratched it to the point it is very raw? If that is not the case, I would see an eye doctor right away!Remember, pink eye is very contagious.Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2008-07-28 21:52:16
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Q: Does pink eye cause your eye to bleed?
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Can farting on your pillow cause pink eye?

No, that could not cause pink eye.

Can having pink eye cause flashing lights in your eye?

Pink eye does not cause any changes in vision.

Can semen cause the pink eye if they have an STD?

An STD doesn't necessarily cause pink eye. STD & pink eye are two different conditions. So the answer is NO

Could a cat scratch around a child's eye cause pink eye?

No, a cat scratch around a child's eye can not cause pink eye.

What kind of pathogen causes pink eye?

what pathogens cause pink eye

Can drinking alcohol cause your eye to bleed?


Does alcohol cause pink eye?

No, it does not cause the disease pink eye. However, it can easily cause red eyes due to dehydration and alcohol poisoning.

Could eye make up cause pink eye?

Most likely using someone else's make up could cause pink eye.

Can you get pink eye from a turtle?

no, because turtle is just an animal and it cannot cause a pink eye.

Does drinking alcohol cause pink eye?

No, it does not cause the disease pink eye. However, it can easily cause red eyes due to dehydration and alcohol poisoning.

Does pink eye cause death?

no it doesnt

Can strep B cause conjuntivitis pink eye in a male teenager who has had mononucleosis mono for 7 weeks?

Strep can most definitely cause pink eye.

What is the major cause of pink eye?

Particles irritating the sensitive cornea of your eye.

Does hemorrhoids cause pink eye or is it related in anyway?

If you rub your finger on your hemorrhoid then touch your eye, then you are probabley going to get pink eye. But no they usually are not related

What chimicals from a fart cause pink eye?


Will antibiotic eyedrops clear pink eye if its cause was gonorrhea?

Yes it will reduce eye redeness no matter what is the cause of the pink eye. If it comes back or there is purulent secretions, you should seek medical advice.

What would cause a cat's eye to bleed?

An injury is the first answer that comes to mind.

What is a bleed in the eye?

It all depends on where the bleed is and what the cause of the bleed is. Sometimes if people lift things that are too heavy or they cough too hard, then its possible to get a bleed in the eye. known as a subconjunctival heamorrage. You should always consult your doctor or optometrist when you find abnormalities of the eye. They could sometimes be vision threatening.

Can a infection be the cause of eye pain?

You may have an infection in your eye and that could be causing the pain. Sometimes pink eye, an infection in your eye can cause eye pain. Other than that, an infection in another part of your body shouldn't cause eye pain.

What if you bleed heavy but your pee is pink?

what if you bleed heavy

What kind of bacteria is in water that can cause pink eye?

Fecal matter

What can cause ones eyes to be red?

sleeplessness. __ Also eye strain, allergies, infection such as pink eye.

My eye is watery and dry and it hurts when i blink. do you i pink eye?

Probably not. Pink eye causes drainage from your eye and will make it watery and may even cause yellow/green puss to drain from your eye. Your eye will also be red and itchy.

Can humans get pink eye from dogs?

This would depend on the cause. If both the dog and human are allergic to a particular pollen or mold and were both exposed, they could both develop "pink eye" even though one did not give it to the other. If the dog has bacterial pink eye, it is possible for the bacteria to be transferred to a human and cause pink eye in that person as well. However, if the cause is viral, traumatic, foreign body or cancer, humans would not be at risk for zoonotic infection from the dog.

What cause dog eye to bleed?

Maybe something poked it! Perhaps it got into a fight with a cat?