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You can write whatever you want to write! If you're interested in animals, write about them.

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Q: Can you write a story about an animal?
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How do you write a 250 word comedy story about a animal?

Write, and try to be funny.

Example story using common noun and proper noun?

well you can write a about an animal and where it lives and how it lived

Write an addicion story for two 3-digit number?

write an addition story for two 3-digit numbers. write the answer to your story

How do you write a story about butterflies and the story is nonfiction?

You could write about the life cycle?

How do you write a narrative paragraph about sadness?

Narration is story, so you need to write a story about sadness. Write about a time when you felt sad, or write a story that makes you sad, or write about a sad situation. Anything that tells a story and is about sadness will be a narrative paragraph about sadness.

What is a sentence with write in it?

I am going to write a story.

How do you write a story that you woke up and was a fish?

click the link to see how to write a story.

Can you write a film when you're young?

Yes, of course.Start with a story, write the beginning, the middle and the end.You need at least two characters, one of which can be an animal, a building, a storm, the sea -- otherwise your main character can't show overcoming conflict.Once you've written the story, it will be easier for you to write a film script.

How do you write a story about a constellation?

First, you pick a constellation that you like. Then, think of something to explain why it looks the way it does. Does it look like a person or an animal to you? What sort of person or animal? Why is it up in the sky? What happened to it?

Will you write me a sad story?

do your story for you. We WILL help you learn how to write your own sad story. Click the Related Questions for help.

What is the incongruity in the lowest animal?

"The Lowest Animal" is a story told by Mark Twain. The incongruity in the story is that it cannot be determined which animal is the lowest.

Is it weird to write a story about writing that story?

You are the author -- whatever you want to write is OK. Writing a story about writing is called "nonfiction," and there are a lot of books out there about how authors write.

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