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Can your attorney general help with threats from collection agencies?



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The AG could if you are being harassed for no reason but likely he will not touch this case. You can possibly help yourself by telling the collector (and recording it with the beep or have several witnesses on some spare phone lines) that you do not want anymore calls from his collection agency. Ask who is talking and for what Company he is working say:"Do Not call me again" In GA once you say "Do not Call me again", then the calls are over. The only thing left is they will sue you if the money owed is a lot more than their lawyers fees. And do you have assets they can place a lien on after the trial? If you ain't got nothing they cant get it. If you do - tell them you will settle the mess for 25 percent of what you owe. You may find you have a bad credit after this,

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Requesting a collector to stop calling a residence, place of employment, cell phone, etc. during a telephone conversation is not sufficient regardless of how many people are privy to the conversation.

The debtor must send a "Cease And Desist" letter to the collector or the creditor's legal representative (not the original creditor) stating all the applicable terms. The letter should be sent as certified with receipt requested.

If the collector contacts the debtor after receiving the request, the debtor may file a complaint with the state attorney general's office

FYI, never tape a phone conversation without first becoming knowledgable of the laws for your state of residency.