Can your boss refuse to give you health insurance?


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In the UK a company has to have certain liability insurance for the public and employees. The type and extent of that insurance would depend on the business itself.

No company is required to supply personal health insurance outside of the liabilities of such insurance.


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It really depeneds on where you work. I doibt someone would give you free insureance for working at a daycare. But my boss did give me free health insurance. But he did take it away. So I guess my answer is: NO

Absolutely - the insurance company would view you as a 'high risk' because of your DUI. Any insurance company can refuse to insure you - they don't have to give a reason !

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no, if you have insurace, they have to give you treatment. either that or they get fired.

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My boss did, so I quit.If you have a contract or a labor union, it depends upon the contract. If you work for the government, it depends upon relevant laws.

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Typically, companies do not give health benefits to part-time employees.

Unless the orders are unlawful, and most often they are not, it is not a good idea to refuse to follow orders from a boss, no matter what the position of the boss is in the company. It's called insubordination and can result in the employee being fired. If; however, you have reasons for not wanting to follow the orders that are valid to you, you could explain them to your boss and ask the boss to give the task to someone else. It would be up to the boss whether to do that, though. If you decide to outright refuse to follow your boss's orders, be prepared to find another job. Chances are high that you will need one.

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Michigan State Department of Health can give you information about obtaining health insurance. It is advisable to get several quotes before purchasing and checking all small print to ensure good cover.

You may want to contact your health insurance business office and find out the reason for the refusal to pay for treatment. Each insurance company has their own rules and regulations regarding what they will cover.

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Information on private health insurance providers can be found on their own websites such as Simply Health and BUPA. They will give a lot of information about their different policies and the conditions that might be attached to them.

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