Power of Attorney

Can your brother who is power of attorney over your mother have the right to sell her home and pocket the money for himself?

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2006-02-13 02:32:25

I would believe that depending on state law, that any valuables

should go to whom her living will states. Regaurdless of power of

attorney. An absolutely wrong answer. A living will has nothing to

do with a person's assets. A power of attorney is no longer good

once the person dies. I am assuming the mother is in a nursing home

and the brother has sold the house. This is the only way the sale

would be legal. If this is the case you need to talk to an attorney

immediately. From personal experience he can and will spend all of

the money leaving your mother with nothing. You need to act

immediately to protect your mother. If she has passed away you need

to start probate and have yourself named as executor of the


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