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Can your checking account be frozen for debt collection even if you have Social Security Disability checks direct deposited in it every month?


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Debt collectors cannot garnish the SSD checks, but they can attach bank accounts. It's best to keep them separate.

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The following rule applies to "regular" SSI benefits and may also apply to disability payments, but check with the Social Security Administration to be sure. If you have a totally separate bank account, either checking or savings, and no money from ANY source other than Social Security has EVER been deposited into it, then that money is protected from garnishment by ANY source, even the IRS or state tax authorities. I started a separate savings account and my monthly payment is direct deposited into it. Then, as I need money, I transfer it to checking for paying bills, etc.

A collection agency can only garnish pensions in PA that is directed deposited in a checking about if the pension is paid by PGBC, a government program if the debtor has not filed an exemption. Typically, the debtor has 10 to 21 to file an exemption.

No. Money deposited in checking/current accounts do not earn any interest.

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Yes! Creditors can garnish a personal checking account. As long as the creditor has the checking account info they can garnish a checking account.

No, employers are required to check Social Security numbers.

No, child support is for the child/children and is not subject to creditor attachment. If the support payments are deposited in a checking account that has other monies, the receiving debtor parent must show proof to the court that the support funds are exempt from garnishment.

Call your state government to have them research who gave them your account if it was not you.

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A collection agency can take 100% of the money in your joint banking accounts, regardless of who deposited it. If the debt is owed, and there are assets in the name of the debtor, those assets are in jeopardy. It is not easy to hide these even by trying to shelter them in an account with someone else's name. If the asset exists, it will be found in most cases, and a collection agency that locates it will take all they can the first time they hit it.

Money deposited on the checking account can be recalled at any time while money deposited on the saving account can be recalled after an agreed on interval or period. This gives the bank the opportunity to plan and re-invest the saved money in short or long term projects.

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When I opened my checking account I had to present a current texas drivers liscense, and my social security card.

Your social security number and tax ID are required to open a business checking account.

Checking accounts are very secure as long as one has one with a reputable bank or company. Most well-known banks have excellent security for their customers' checking accounts to ensure safety.

If the money that is being deposited into the checking account is a gift, then they do not pay taxes. However, if this is a business transaction, then they may have to pay taxes.

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No creditor can freeze anyone's assets without court authorization--disability or not.

transfer it from another acct online or you have to go to the bank and give to teller or use atm to put it in unless it is direct deposited

The easiest way is to set up an automatic debit against your paycheck or checking account at your bank, with a specified amount being automatically taken from your paycheck or checking account and deposited into a savings account.

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