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Can your ex husand still get child support if he gets legally married in arizona?


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Yes, if he has physical custody of your child.

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Honestly I can't say. All I can tell you is that usually the man is looking for something he was missing in the marriage. I don't necessarily mean it was the wife's fault or anything but in my opinion that's what I would think. The husand is just looking for someone else to take the blame for his bad behavior. If he was unhappy in his marriage, he should have sought counseling or a Divorce lawyer . The wife should not take the blame if she has been honest and faithful to her husband.

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Narcissistic people can prey on submissive women or shy women. I call these "lazy Narcissists." It's a form of abuse. It's easier to manipulate a submissive woman (often confused with a woman that is kind and loving, quite normal) than one that is feisty. I dislike the word "Narcissistic" because this is a difficult label to define. A person could be a perfectionist, abuser, a control freak, etc., but it doesn't make them necessarily a Narcissist and only a professional can determine that. Other than rape or murder I don't believe that any human being can be controlled unless they want to be controlled. Marcy I WAS going through a difficult time in my marriage and I am pretty fiesty however in the wake of the shattered marriage illlusions, I became vulnerable and needy and guess what??? The narcissist in my life picked it up immediately. To be perfectly honest, I appraoched him for some affection (with boundradies) and that was all it took. Two and half years later, I'm struggling with the denial or self-blame phase of recovery that makes me want to scream. What was I thinking? So now it's time to forgive. Me. Then him. But that parts way off. What can I say. They love it. They see you're needy and they work it. The best advice I can give is to move away. Find another way to deal with your marriage woes. HE is not the answer. He can make life hell. Besides, I think this would be his absolute best blood sucking adventure. A married women choosing him over her husand! Then when they're over it, they're over you.

there are so many other people in this world, u should ask for the truth of everything and if u can accept it,deal with it but if u cant, dump him or her.AnswerA good relationship that will have a chance of lasting long term is built on HONESTY and TRUST. When someone consistently lies there is no possible way that honesty and trust can be present and it will leave you with a constant feeling of insecurity and distrust for that person and life is just too short to live that way. If that person cannot shape up and get real I would move on.this is very difficult decision for a Pakistani Muslim women to dump her husband only on the basis of lie no body will excuse you in the society even your parents and they will councel you to love with husand so weigh the positive and negative aspects of your husbands personality and then take a decision because no body in the world is perfect.

I do am sorry that you had found out your husband's secret. Emotional affair is the hardest affair that can happen to someone. I know because it happened to me, a while ago. If your husband admitted his relationship with ths other woman and they haven't met yet, you can still control your husband. The two of you needs to talk about what's going on with him. Ask him why he didn't have no problem talking to this woman on line about things in his life but he can't with you. Ask him how deep his involvement with her, but don't let him manipulate you, because he will tell you that " he didn't plan it" it just happen. Most married men who got caught with affairs, emotional or physical will say that " it's just happen." If your husband didn't plan it or even open up to her, he will not become emotionally involve with her. BTW the man that I married also told me that he didn't plan it, it just happen. Being emotionally involve with this woman, expect they already shared an intimate feelings to each others. What if, how it will feel, will be some of the intimate words that they talked or fantasized. When and if your husband stop talking to her, watch your husband, his behaviour will change because he will be thinking about the other woman. It just like trying to stop drinking, If you are planning to talk to her husband don't, it's the other woman that you need talk to, so she will know what ever your husband told her or even complain to her about you she will know the truth. If she don't listen to you, that's when you tell her that you will talk to her husband. But for now take care of yourself and make sure you talk to one of your friends or family.

No, it's not worth the effort to follow your husband to his mistress' home. It serves no purpose. Here's the scenerio: You follow him, you knock on her door, she answers it and there you are face-to-face with her. 9 chances out of 10 your husband will be furious you are there. Sure doesn't make sense (happened to me) but they are angry they got caught! It results in you fleeing in tears, or a confrontation that gives neither you or your husband any solution to the problem, and you have just wasted your time and broken your heart even more. Although I don't think very highly of women that date married men, it is still the man's fault for allowing it. They can form the word "no" and some have not and for some reason not chosen to do so. I hope you will not put up with this behavior and be sure he does have a mistress. If so, and you would like to leave him, please seek out a detective to get the goods on him so that photos and testimony can be given in court if you so chose to get a divorce (and especially if there are children involved and you want partial custody of them.) Why would you want to know where the mistress lives? All your setting yourself up for is more heart break. Seeing her isn't going to help anything, especially if "you" think she looks better then you. Don't do it. The better route to go would be to privately confront him in your home. The trust is gone. When the trust is gone so is respect. There is no marriage. Unless you are financially dependent on your husband, you should immediately file for divorce. If you are dependent on your husband, make a plan and get educated, real quick.

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In and of themselves, they aren't a reason to conclude that he is cheating, but combined with other things, they could be. If your husband is normally completely open and trusting, sharing everything with you, then they are definitely a reson to wonder. If he's the kind of person that likes a little space, however, then you could be overreacting. Some people are very open and trusting and tell their spouses everything. Others need space and want to have some "secrets," even if they're harmless ones. Sometimes I want to talk to the phone with my sister and I just don't want my husband within earshot. It's usually just girl talk or family stuff and it never has anything to do with him............ You know your husand more than anyone else. If you're still in doubt, hire a private detective. while unexplained phone calls may actually be a sign of cheating they may also be a sign of a common occurance known as a "wrong number" in which a caller, likely having no connection whatsoever to anyone in your home dials your number and believes it is the number of another person. This event is actually a coincidence but at times it has been known to cause emotional distress in people who are emotionally undeveloped I would say that if you are questioning this, then, your gut instinct is probably telling you that something is not right. Usually if we suspect something is going on it probably is. According to a PI friend of mine he has filled me in on so much of the stories and cases he has done. If you are feeling this then follow your gut and get him checked out. Either way you will get your answer. Your husband doesn't need to know. yes, wrong numbers are always a cheating spouse's partner, as well as so-called legitimate phone calls from political candidates or lonmg distance providers. Well, in my opinon it really depends on what type of the phone call because it can be just a wrong number. To be specific, if the person who is calling mentions your spouses name and talks about very explicit things than that is a huge sign that your spouse is probable cheating on you. But, in some cases it can be a prank call made by another person. But, in any case, it really depends. This is my opinon on this particular subject.

You should keep your conversation restrict to about children only. You should try to accept the fact . Avoid contacting them unnecessarily (for no reason).You do need to see your ex from time to time for a couple of reasons. One reason is so your children will still see their parents as "their parents", not a "parent and another parent", especially if they aren't yet grown. It's important for the kids to still feel they have both parents as a 'unit'.Another reason is for you. Yes, you. Sometimes the best way to get over someone is to see them not as your wife or husband, but as your ex. If you don't see them, then your mind can still 'pretend' you and your ex are still together, or keep false hope that you will get back together. So by seeing your ex as just that - your ex- you will come to terms with it more quickly, because it can help you to see them in a whole new light, which can help you tremendously. I know it may sound odd at first, but give it a try for a while and you just may be pleasantly surprised at the things about her which you notice that annoy you, but you never gave them much thought while you were together. It's the little things like that which actually can make a difference in helping you to get over her.Also, allow yourself time to grieve, just as you do when someone dies. After all, this is the death of a marriage, so you need time to grieve. When you feel the need to cry, then let yourself cry as loud and as long as you need to. When I went through my divorce, I cried myself to sleep many, many nights. And I cried all day during the day when I wasn't at work. I felt I would die of a broken heart. This went on for a while, then I literally ran out of tears. But what I didn't do was to let my children see me breaking down; I didn't want them to think badly of their father for hurting me by being with another woman. After all, he was still their father, and I knew they still loved him as much as ever, as they should. Also, I knew, even though they were teens, they were hurting badly, too, and I didn't want to add to their pain.After you go through the intial grieving process you will go through an anger phase, which is normal, but is also good. Anger is easier to deal with than pain and hurt. When I became angry at my ex husband for cheating again, the anger hit me hard. And that was when my healing finally began. I also realized then that what I had been crying over and grieving for was the man I thought he was, not the man I learned he really was. And that helped me tremendously.If she does start to show interest in you again, and if you still love her, don't play games. Just tell her straight out that you won't allow yourself to be hurt again. If her interest is sincere and she regrets the divorce, she will say so. If she doesn't, then she is just playing games, and you need to just walk away.Don't let her use you as her personal bank, either. I've seen women leave their husbands, then treat them as a bank when they wanted money, knowing her husand still loved her. If she made the choice to break up the marriage, then she has to suffer the consequences. She can't expect you to pay for her play time or shopping. Paying child support is a given, but the rest is her responsibility. Don't let her use you for a free handyman or repair man, either. That would only be more painful for you, and unfair to you.Often, after a divorce when the one who wanted the divorce see their ex is dating someone else, they will feel a bit possessive, and even jealous, or see it as a game to see if they can get their ex back. Don't fall for that. If you still love her and feel she still loves you too, then give it another try. But if you feel she is not sincere, then do not let her hurt you again, or succeed in keeping you from finding happiness with someone else. But honest communication is crucial for both of you, so tell her upfront how you feel if she does try to reel you back in after you do begin dating.

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