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Apparently so. Police and other people in crime solving are said to use it to try and identify them. And sometimes it can identify how a person actually felt at the time. Wether this is true or just of the TV is beyond me. Try this website:

---- [Edit] All Scientific studies have concluded that Graphology (the analysis of personality via handwriting) is a pseudo-science (its results are not reliable).

This does not stop people from using Graphology (including, regrettably the Police on a few occasions). When people are sufficiently desperate they will believe anything - even things which are patently untrue.

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Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, suggests that certain aspects of a person's handwriting can reveal certain personality traits or characteristics. For example, slanted handwriting may indicate an emotional or reserved personality, while large and loopy letters may suggest an outgoing and creative individual. It is important to note that handwriting analysis is not a scientifically validated method of personality assessment.

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Q: Can your handwriting tell you about that person?
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