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LOL! Sure he can...make sure he knows to use the same social security number, too, as well as a current address so the Feds know where to find him! I'm sorry...I just couldn't pass this up! No, not unless he wishes to have an all expense paid visit to a federal facility not of his choosing.

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Q: Can your husband file for his taxes in the United States with two different women?
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What are types of State taxes in the United States?

In the United States, States have taxes on a number of items. Below is a list of taxes that States have created. Not all States have all the taxes listed: * personal income; * sales taxes; * corporate taxes; * gasoline taxes; and * property taxes.

How would United States be different without declaration of independence?

Without the declaration of independence, the United States would be a territory or a colony of the United Kingdom. It would pay taxes to the United Kingdom.

Which tax pays for the United States Army?

Federal taxes...several different ones may contribute.

What is 841.01 plus tax in the U.S?

You need to explain where in the United States and what is being bought. In the United States, sales tax is different in each state. In addition to state taxes, there can be county and municipal taxes on top of it. There are often differences in taxes between food and non-food.

How was the United States divided?

The United States was divided in the 1800s because some of the southern states had different opinions from those of the north, such as slavery and taxes. South Carolina was the first to secede from the union. They formed the Confederate States Of America.

Taxes on goods coming into the United States?


Does United States pay taxes to Great Britain for New England states?


What is the power to create and collect taxes in the United States?

What is the power to create and collect taxes in the U.S

Are the taxes higher in the United States or in Weston Europe?

There are many different types of tax. Some are higher in Europe and some are lower.

What is the name for taxes on goods made in the United States?


What is the names for taxes on goods coming into the united States?


What taxes did Britain put on the US?

Britain did not put any taxes on the United States. Britain placed taxes on her colonies in America.When some of the colonists objected to how that was done, there was a war and Britain recognized that 13 of her colonies were independent states that had joined to form the United States of America.

Can the IRS seize a tax refund for a judgment on an unpaid hospital bill?

It depends on which state you live in. All states in the United States have different laws when it comes to who can garnish wages or taxes.

Do foreigners working in the united states pay social security taxes?


What is the uses of taxes?

For the defense and common welfare for the people of the United States of America

What is power to levy taxes on income?

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

How much does an average American pay in taxes a year?

The United States has a progressive tax system so the more your income, the higher your income taxes will be. U.S. Citizens are also subject to many, many different kinds of taxes. Some of these taxes include State and Local Income Taxes, State and Local Sales Taxes, State and Local Property Taxes on homes, land, and other property, State and Local Motor Vehicle Taxes, Federal, State and Local Gasoline Taxes, etc. There is also a host of embedded taxes that the people of the United States pay such as taxes that are imposed on business and corporations that are passed on to the consumer, taxes imposed on utilities, telephone, railroad, transportation, etc.

Do federal judges pay income taxes?

Yes, they pay income taxes, as does every other wage earner in the United States.

What was the average amount of taxes someone had to pay in 1791?

There were no income taxes in the United States in 1791. The government supported itself at that time through excise taxes and tariffs.

Salary for all jobs?

In the United States, it is at lest $7.25 an hour minus taxes.

Where does the government get the power to impose taxes?

From the Constitution of the United States as Amended. Take a read.

How do states use taxes?

States use the state taxes on many different things. These taxes are used to redo roads, pay state employee wages, plow roads, and upkeep of lawns.

Is there a difference between US tax software and Canada tax software?

You will have to use Canadian tax software to prepare the taxes for you sister. You can purchase TurboTax to prepare Canadian taxes but it is a different edition than the one used in the United States.

What taxes do you pay on large pay lottery winnings?

Depends on where you live. Different states have different taxes. And Canada has different than the states too. I'im pretty shure you just hay whatever that taxes are, like when u go to buy something from the store, say 15%, then it would be 15%.

What contributed to the United States economic weakness at the beginning of the revolutionary war?

The lack of authority to collect taxes contributed to the United States economic weakness at the beginning of the revolutionary war.