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yes they can fully repair.

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How long do you have to quit smoking before the lungs repair themselves?

It will depend hoe long someone smoked for. Lungs will usually start to repair themselves after a year. However, it will always depend on the person.

Can spinal nerves repair themselves?

No they are unable to repair themselves

How does smoking affect your throat?

One thing it does is destroys the cilia in the windpipe. These cannot repair themselves and are necessary to carry dust particles etc away from the lungs.

Can neurons repair themselves?

Certain neurons can repair themselves while others can't. Neurons that can repair themselves are refreed to as white matter. The reason white matter can repair itself is because the axons of white matter are myelinated. The axons of neurons in grey matter on the other hand, cannot repair themselves because they are unmyelinated.

Can the nervous system repair themselves?

no but it may be able to repair itself

How can you repair lungs damaged by secondhand smoke?

Your lungs are continuously regenerating and will repair themselves from whatever exposure you may have experienced, even the smoker himself will experience repair to the lung tissue, your body does this naturally.Another answer:COPD is the problem you are having. The tiny cilia on the surface of the "tubes" leading in and out of the lungs have been damaged. Since they are not functional, the mucous you make all the time does not move up and out of the bronchi. You will find it will remain there and become thick. You will find yourself constantly coughing to remove it. You will also be wheezing. These cilia will never be repaired. You will have this problem the rest of your life.

What do cells replace themselves?

Cells replace themselves to reproduce or repair damage to the body.

What organ protect the lungs and support breathing?

lungs are organs and they themselves support breathing that which supports life itself

What will happen to you if cells were detroyed?

Your cells would repair themselves ..

Why can radiation be used to control cancer?

Radiation damages the cells. Cancer cells cant repair themselves after a dose of radiation therefore they die. Normal cells are able to repair themselves.

Can lungs repair if smoking stops?

They recover to some extent but they are never the same again.

Why is it dangerous for bronchitis damaged your lungs?

Bronchitis usually doesn't damage your lungs; usually why doctors are concerned is because if not treated the infection can spread into the lungs themselves and cause Pneumonia, which can be fatal and permanently damage the lungs.

How do bone cells repair themselves?

Bone cells repair themselves by regenerating by a reproduction process called meiosis, or asexual cellular division, which connect the gap or abnormal space present between two bones, hence repairing themselves.

What does the structure of lungs enable them to do?

The structures in the lungs enable the lungs to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide in the blood. The structure are also designed to help the lung protect themselves from irritants.

What is a muscle that forces gases in and out of the lungs?

Lungs do not actively expand and contract by themselves. A muscle below the lungs called the diaphragm acts as a bellow, creating negative pressure within the abdominal cavity that holds the lungs to allow air to rush in and out the lungs.

If you stop smoking at an early age can your lungs compleatly heal themselves?

That is thought to be the case. The usual estimate is about 15 years for the lungs to repair themselves to the extent they are going to. There may be some residual tendency to develop cancers, and depending on the amount of original damage there may also remain tendencies toward chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and/or emphysema. However, stopping early is far better than stopping later.

Can lungs grow back?

Not if it's been removed, but lungs can partially repair themselves with deep breathing exercises and a healthy diet and strong immune system. Mine are better now at 78 than they were at 38 when I smoked (quit 40 yrs. ago). Also, I have lived in areas with relatively clean air since quitting.

How do lungs clean themselves?

Lungs generally don't clean themselves. If you are a smoker and have tar in your lungs, you will NEVER get rid of it, it will only get worse. But you clean your lungs by coughing. This gets rid of any foreign material. If you have blood in your lungs, the blood will be absorbed into your body again, but if will never be cleaned completely. Also, if you have swallowed something and it has gone to your lungs accidentally, you may go to a doctor will will give you anti-biotics so that the food wont spoil and you prevent an infection. Why what happened?

What happens to the respiratory system during exercise?

The airways into and out of the lungs and the lungs themselves make up your respiratory system. This system allows the exchange of gases

What is the membrane that lines the surface of the lungs?

the membrane on the surface of the lung is called the parietal pleura, but the membrance that lines the lungs themselves are called the visceral pleura.

Do ribs repair themselves if failed?

i think they should or go for a x ray

What are the only parts of the human body that can't repair themselves?

Teeth are the only human body parts incapable of repairing themselves.

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