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Q: Can your spanish mauser be identified by serial number 2U2903?
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What do the numbers on an old spanish mauser mean?

There are various numbers, including the serial number, proofing marks, and caliber. Most Spanish Mausers were chambered in 7X57.

What information can be determined about a rifle that has no name or symbol on it only 2F6745 and is supposedly a 7mm Mauser?

The serial number indicates a Model 1893 Spanish Mauser manufactured in 1921. Yes, it would be a 7mm with gas exhaust hole on left.

What year is mauser model 2000 serial number 73815?

You will have to contact Mauser

For what caliber was the Brazilian Mauser Model 0834.30 originally chambered?

Brazil used a number of Mauser rifles over the years. Most were in 7mm Mauser (7x57), but later versions were .30-06. That number you have is not a model number.

Where can you find information on a Mauser 1910 pocket pistol via its serial number?

You will need to start by contacting Mauser

What caliberis mauser ser?

Please rephrase and post the COMPLETE question. Mauser manufactured a number of firearms - pistols and rifles both - in a number of different calibres. If what you have is a Mauser rifle, you are free to send me an email (address is in my profile), and we can identify the model and which nation it was manufactured for - from there, we can determine the calibre.

Where can i find mauser sn?

Need a specific model. Mauser has a very long history and continues to make firearms, not to mention the number of rifles based on the Mauser G98 action which are referred to as "Mausers", although most of them weren't made with any licensing from Mauser.

When was your browning Mauser 7MM magnum serial?

You will have to call Browning with the serial number.

How is a mauser rifle bolt different from a lee enfield rifle bolt?

Primarily in the number and location of the points where the bolt locks to the reciever. The Enfield cocks on opening, the Mauser on closing. The shape of the bolt face, and the extractors are different, since the Enfield uses a rimmed cartridge, the Mauser a rimless.

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What is the value of a mauser model hsc 7.65mm serial number 712700?

100-400 USD

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