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Cani get into fashion institute of technology with a 2.0 GPA?


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no you need at least a 3.0

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The Fashion Institute of Technology is located in New York City. There is no minimum GPA but applicants with at least a B average are more likely considered.

I just got accepted here, the requirements are an: academic history form,a GPA of at least 3.0,a personal essay and depending on the major a portfolio

I don't know the minimum GPA needed to get into the Massachusetts institute of technology. But you definitely need to get great grades. An awesomeGPA and a near perfect SAT scores are a must. After you accomplish this, start thinking about ways you can separate yourself from the competition. Extracurricular activities are very important. Lastly, make sure you want to go to Massachusetts institute of technology. I know a lot of students that thought they wanted to go to their dream school, but when they got in and went to that school, they were really disappointed. You can get information about the academic requirements here: and reviews of Massachusetts institute of technology by actual students here:

On December 13, 2007, Williams received her associate degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with Cum Laude honors and a 3.5 GPA

Lincoln Technical Institute has no GPA requirements. They are a for-profit technical school, and accept all applicants who can pay tuition and fees. The only requirement is a high school diploma or GED.

A high GPA shows your effort and may increase your chances of getting in, but your talent (read: portfolio) is what's really important.

A 2.5 is required, but in some cases they accept as low as a 2.0

While students are asked to self-report their high school GPA directly from their transcript, Georgia Tech recalculates a GPA for all applicants to use in the review process. At least a 3.0 or above with good SAT scores or a 3.0 or above when transferring from another school but out of approximately 10,000 applications they receive each year, they only select 2500 freshmen and transfers, so chances are 1 out of 4 the higher the GPA and scores the better the chances.

With a 4.0 being the highest on the scale I would think so. However, remember that colleges and universities look at the entire individual and not at that individual in just one or two parts. Understand the admissions requirements and criteria of the school you intend to transfer to. Do not assume you will be accepted solely based on your GPA.

Multiply your GPA with the total credits and divide by 4. = (GPA*Total credits)/4

not really you could atualy get away a 3.0 gpa or even 2.0! Just try your best and you'll do great if you truely want to be a fashion disiner(:

Not really, It's about C+ slightly below B-, also depends on area of study, If it is in Engineering/Technology, pretty good, But in business is not commendable.

3.0 GPA, SAT Verbal or Critical Reading of 500, and ACT English 20. (Also, a portfolio of 10 to 15 pieces needs to submitted for review.)

No. A 79 average is 2.4 GPA. Heres a list of all the Grade point averages. 0%-59% => 0 GPA 60% => 0.7 GPA 61% => 0.8 GPA 62% => 0.8 GPA 63% => 0.9 GPA 64% => 1.0 GPA 65% => 1.0 GPA 66% => 1.1 GPA 67% => 1.2 GPA 68% => 1.3 GPA 69% => 1.4 GPA 70% => 1.5 GPA 71% => 1.6 GPA 72% => 1.7 GPA 73% => 1.8 GPA 74% => 1.9 GPA 75% => 2.0 GPA 76% => 2.1 GPA 77% => 2.2 GPA 78% => 2.3 GPA 79% => 2.4 GPA 80% => 2.5 GPA 81% => 2.7 GPA 82% => 2.8 GPA 83% => 2.9 GPA 84% => 3.0 GPA 85% => 3.0 GPA 86% => 3.1 GPA 87% => 3.2 GPA 88% => 3.3 GPA 89% => 3.4 GPA 90% => 3.5 GPA 91% => 3.5 GPA 92% => 3.6 GPA 93% => 3.7 GPA 94% => 3.8 GPA 95% => 3.9 GPA 96% => 3.9 GPA 97% => 4.0 GPA 98% => 4.0 GPA 99% => 4.0 GPA 100% => 4.0 GPA

Most culinary colleges are open acceptance, meaning all you have to do is pass a basic education test and be able to pay.

3.397 GPA rounded to the nearest hundredth is 3.40 GPA. 3.397 GPA rounded to the nearest tenth is 3.4 GPA. 3.397 GPA rounded to the nearest ones is 3 GPA.

no. a 3.7 GPA is an A- a 3.31 GPA is an B+

No. A 3.0 GPA is a B average. So it is a good GPA

There are a few schools that will take a 3.0 GPA and have vet tech and bachelors. You can try going to Brown Mackie College or try getting into Vet Tech Institute.

this is the GPA you need to get a 2.0 GPA

2.2 GPA at Harvard. 2.2 GPA at Harvard. 2.2 GPA at Harvard.

maybeIt is a good GPA. I am sophomore and my GPA is 3.14.and my teacher said it is nice GPA

The average GPA is around a 2.8. The Georgia Tech Research Institute did a comprehensive study on grade distribution and particularly on grade inflation at Tech and other universities. The report gives GPAs for each major, race, each year of classes, etc. Do a Google search for Average GPA at Georgia Tech and it is within the top 5 links.

That's a great question! I'm not 100 percent sure what the school's average test scores and GPA are . . . but that sounds like a great question for an adviser at FIDM! If you're wondering if your test score or GPA are good enough to apply to FIDM, I say just go for it because you never know if you don't try! My friends attended FIDM and their GPA's weren't the best in the world but they loved fashion and wanted successful careers and in the end, they graduated from FIDM and have great careers in the fashion industry. Good luck!

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