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Not Really, you could kill your hiar, or some people call it damage your hair, and you would have to do it at least twice, and you would have to leave it in for awhile like maybe an hour each time. So now i wouldn't try it. I mean you can if you want. All people have diffrent hair, and it may work on some people andmay not on others...And probally not with black hair.

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Q: Cant you bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide?
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What can you bleach your hair with?

Hydrogen Peroxide

Can you put highlights in your hair without using bleach?

Aside from bleach, you can also use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to bleach hair.

Can hydrogen peroxide lighten arm hair?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide can be used for lightening hair. However, it will also bleach skin and probably then is not advisable for use on the arms.

Is H 2 0 2 Hydrogen Peroxide good for you and what are the benefits?

H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide it is a powerful oxidiser and used as a hair bleach. It is not very good for you or your hair.

What chemical lighten hair and washes clothes?

This is the hydrogen peroxide - H2O2.

What is the name of acid in bleech?

*Bleach The chemical in hair dye is hydrogen peroxide

When do you use hydrogen peroxide in hair care?

Peroxide is bleach, you use it to strip hair of it's natural colour . Blonde and black hair go White after using

What is a chemical to make hair lighter?

Hydrogen peroxide are mixed with dye and or lightener/bleach to make your hair lighter.

What is the difference between bleach and peroxide?

Bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite, Peroxide is Hydrogen Peroxide. The word 'Bleach' is used by many people to denote the mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia or Ammonia Compounds with thickeners, conditioners, bluing and other ingredients to to lighten the hair and the two compounds are not similar except that they are both strong oxidizers.

Can you shave toe hair?

Yes you can, and it grows back. Use Hydrogen peroxide and it will not grow back, has to be done repeatedly. _____________ With hydrogen peroxide you just bleach them, the hair is stille there :). Yes you can shave everywhere you have hair you don't want.

When was peroxide first used to bleach hair?

Peroxide was first used to bleach hair in 1860.

What does peroxide mean in this sentence Rachel was waiting with a bottle of peroxide in her hand?

Peroxide in this case refers to hydrogen peroxide, a chemical often used to disinfect wounds and bleach hair.