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You must call Browning for the answer.


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Exactly how is the pistol marked? 9mm browning serial number 72C44338

Sorry, cant help with that limited info. Conact Browning Customer Service at link below.

i sold my high power 9mm pistol for $450 last year.

YOu must call Browning. SN does not follow normal convention.

50-1000 USD depending on specifics.

A browning Hi-Power semi auto 9mm pistol is currently valued at between 325-525 dollars for a example displaying between 60%-95% of its original finish,and a good bore.

probably If the pistol is designed for 9mm Luger, 9mm Para, or 9x19, yes.

Your Browning Hi-Power 9mm handgun was made in the year 1959,and will bring between 300-600 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

This gun was manufactured in, 39 years old.

Anywhere from 50-5000 USD depending on specifics.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description.

The 9mm pistol would have the higher decibel rating.

No,not that I am aware of. Browning makes a Challenger mark III, but that is a .22 lr pistol. Browning also makes the Hi-Power which is chambered for 9mm Luger.

If there is no indication of a pin, you will have to have it ground off.

cant be answered by lack of description. What model is this?

9mm MKV is not the same as 9mm Luger.

Most likely a 9mm with a suppressor

Depending on how old or new it is - on the slide, frame, barrel hood.

A few hundred to multiple thousands of USD depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition, accessories, box, papers.

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