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Car audio problems?

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havent got any right now actualy. havent got any right now actualy.

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What is a marine car audio?

Marine Audio would be for a boat or jet ski, not for a car. There is no "marine car audio"

Where could one find car audio wholesale?

One can find wholesale car audio by visiting the eBay website. One can also find wholesale car audio by visiting Onlinecarstereo and Car Audio Discount.

Can you wire a guitar amp into a car audio system?

Can? Possibly, but it is unlikely to work as you desire. You should expect problems with hum, grounding and voltage. You would probably do best by talking with a local custom car audio shop in your area.

How do you convert an 8 ohm car audio amp to a 2 ohm car audio amp?

you dont

My car has audio out at DVD speakers but you could not get audio out from car speakers?

you need to buy and install an rf adaptor

How many watts is the Legacy Car Audio LBP22 Subwoofer?

The Legacy Car Audio LBP22 is 1200 watts.

Where can one find car audio equipment?

You can find car audio equipment from several retailers such as Walmart and Auto Zone. Online retailers such as eBay and Amazon also offer car audio products.

Where can one buy a Pyle car audio system?

It is possible to purchase Pyle car audio systems online. Retailers include eBay, which has a number of listings ,, and Finsbur Car Audio.

Car Audio?

form_title= Car Audio form_header= Hear crisp and clear sound with a new audio system. How old is the current audio system?*= _ [50] Has it ever been replaced?*= () Yes () No What do you want included in a new audio system?*= _ [50]

How do you hook up bluetooth in car?

You need to turn on your Bluetooth in mobile and then pair your mobile with car audio system. After pairing you can listen your phone audio through car audio system.

What does the website DirectCarAudio offer?

The Direct Car Audio website offers products and services related to car audio such as Speakers, Amps and Stereo Systems. You can learn more about these products at the Direct Car Audio website.

How does one become a car audio installer?

You can become a car audio installer by graduating from a technical school that offers courses in the field. Keep in mind that you will have to pass the MECP exam to install car audio systems.

Does the Legacy Car Audio LW1549 have a passive power type?

No, the cy Car Audio LW1549 has a progressive power type.

What brands manufacture car audio equipment?

There are amny brands which manufacture car audio equipment. Alpine and Audiovox are just two of the brands of car audio equipment. Other brands include Dynaudio, Boss, and Bose. Additionally, some other car audio manufacturers are JVC, Panasonic, Kenwood, and Sony.

From where can one purchase an in-dash car audio system?

There are many places where one can purchase an in-dash car audio system. One can go to a car audio specialist, a large electronics retailer or from sites such as Amazon.

Where can one buy car audio amplifiers?

There are many retailers where one can purchase car audio amplifiers. Edmunds, Best Buy, Amazon, Crutchfield and eBay all sell car audio amplifiers for people to purchase.

Can audio connectors cause sound problems if they are not hooked up correctly?

Car audio connectors may cause sound problems if they are not hooked up correctly. The sound may not be clear or there may be no sound at all. Check the manual which came with the connectors to make sure they are hooked up properly.

Who does the best Car Audio work in San Angelo Texas?

New Wave Audio is a highly-rated car audio service located in San Angelo, TX. Sound Choice Audio and Video is also well-regarded.

Why your car DVD player only plays audio?

audio and Video is the basic function of the car dvd player,Check the car dvd player setup options

What is the extended warranty offered by Future Shop for car audio MP3 products?

The extended warranty offered by Future Shop for car audio MP3 products is an additional warranty to the warranty given by the company of the car audio MP3 product.

Where can one purchase discount car audio equipment in Toronto?

One can purchase a discount car audio equipment in many places in Toronto. Some places where one can buy it are Best Buy, Kijiji Toronto, and Car Audio Toronto.

Where can one buy replacement car audio speakers?

Replacement audio speakers for a car can be bought at numerous locations. Good places to purchase them include car audio shops and car dealerships. Replacement speakers can also be purchased direct from manufacturers such as JVC, Pioneer, and Kicker.

Where is the bluetooth on the car?

Bluetooth is present inside the car audio system.

What products are sold by Car Audio Security?

The company Car Audio Security sell a range of car accessories, such as car radios. Similarly, their webpage offers speakers, subs, amplifiers and security systems.

Can DVD R work in your car?

Generally, no. If you've got; - A DVD-Audio compatible media player in your car, - Special DVD-Audio authoring software, Then you could burn an audio DVD and listen to it in a car. However no kind of DVD will work in a regular car CD player.