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and? what about it? form a question if you seek an answer.

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Q: Car has been repo for two years?
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How many payments behind will Volkswagen repo your car for?


You have two months left in your contract will they repo your car?

it is the best time for them to do so

If you are behind two payments and the repo company calls stating they are taking the car but you can wire the money two days later will they still repossess the car?

Carla, the LENDER is the only one who can stop the repo. CALL THEM ASAP and be VERY convincing if ya wanta keep the car. Otherwise you will be back on your feet again. Good Luck

What if you voluntary repossession of your car due to excessive car repairs?

You are combining two unrelated items.The bank doesn't care if your car is running or the problems with it they want their money.A voluntary repo is the same as a non voluntary repo you will still owe the balance of the loan after the car is sold and the amount deducted from your outstanding loan.

Will your car get repossessed if you have missed payments with Black Horse for two months?

Maybe, by Fedral law your car can get repossessed if you are ONE DAY past due on your car payment. I know many repo agents and they have a saying "Support your local repo man-- miss two payments" I wouldn't hold off much longer to pay them. You should call them and try to get a deferment or two.

Do repo men use gps to find a car?

Yes! A repo man stole into my locked backyard to install a GPS system when I did not pay on a TITLE LOAN. I noticed him following me over the next two weeks. The repo man stole back into my yard to remove the GPS after two weeks with no repo success. I settled with the CASH STORE for the original loan amount no interest.

In the state of Ga can your car be repo for being two days late?

Usually there is a grace period for late payments; however it is not a requirement.

If two people are on a title of car and one of them has a threat of it being seized can it actually be taken?

If were talking Repo then yes and if they want it the'll get it.

Can a bank repossess your car for being 2 weeks late with a payment?

Read your contract. It likely says the lender can repo anytime you are in DEFAULT. Two weeks late is unusual, but they could repo when you are 1 day late.

Can your license be suspended for expired plates on a non moving car in Detroit?

Yes. But only if it's been there two years.

Who can utilize business car loans?

Anyone who works for a company is capable of applying for a business car loans. A company must have been established for at least two years to utilize a business car loan.

How many repo men shows are there on tv?


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