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Sure it still has gas?

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Q: Car idling all night now will not start?
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Why does eating breakfast give you energy to start the day?

Because your body, while sleeping, is like that of a idling your car all night. You have to put more gas in it if you want to go anywhere because you burned up all your fuel at night.

How much fuel does a SUV waste idling?

Effectively all the fuel that it burns while idling. You are getting 0 miles per gallon while idling.

Why won't my 2007 Chrysler pacifica won't start its cold out and the lights was left on all night?

Because you left the lights on all night. This drains the battery. Connect a battery charger and wait about 3 hours. Then the car might start. If it does not start buy a new battery or a new car whichever you prefer.battery juice is gone.

Why would your car shut off with a new battery?

More info will be needed to properly answer your question. There could be a multitude of reasons. Does your vehicle start at all? Does it stall while driving or idling?

How do you know if your alternator is gone?

easy...all you have to do is to remove either one of the battery terminals,while the car is idling...if it dies,then it is not charging

What is the IAC?

Idle Air Control Valve....if this breaks you car wont idle properly....the rpm will go up then down all the time when idling

Where could I look for a car to buy online?

Used car sale sites are all over the internet. It doesn't matter where you start. You can start with a dealer or start with the model of car you are looking for.

If you left the car lights on all night and the car doesn't start It worked fine last night so what do I do?

You need to charge your battery/boost your car. Turn off the car lights and then do one of the following: 1) Call a service truck to give you a boost. 2) Find a friend with some booster cables and give it a boost. 3) Hook the battery up to a charger and let it charge for a while, and then start it up. Directions for #2 should be in the car's instruction manual.

What if you accidentally left your ford Taurus car running all night and it completely ran out of gas will this damage the engine?

The most damage is what is done to your wallet!I personally wouldn't expect anything adverse to come of the oversight - hours of idling is not that different from hours of highway driving.

Would a bad O2 sensor make the car not start at all?

no if the car doesnt start check the battery and the alternator and the starter.

If you left a car running for about 6 hours over night by itself but still drives fine can the engine be warped or can it start acting up?

No. Unless there is some other problem, leaving a car running overnight will not harm it at all.

Can you jump start a car if it is all wet?


When the car sets all night only check engine light comes on and car wont start you leave key in the on position and pretty soon the gauges start jerking and dash lights start flashing and when they s?

bad ground from either the battery or engine block to the body plus, year make and model would be helpful.

My wife's car wont start 1999 dodge stratus I was wondering what could be the problem it has power and all but will not start the engine had heavy rain last night could water be in the starter?

could be rain but check the plug wiring

How do you start a car that doesnt want to start?

my car does not start it stalled once i started then stalled and started again drove home then it diddnt start at all.. fuel pump not priming either

How do put car in neutral if not able to start car at all?

You don't have to be able to start a car to put it into neutral. Put the key in, turn it to on, then the shifter will be unlocked and you can move it to neutral.

How does a diesel engine start in a car?

Like any other car The starter turns the crankshaft and that gets all the other stuff working to have the car start.

Car stops running when idling and then there is no electrical power?

When your car slows to idle the output of electricity drops and if the battery does not hold a charge then the car can stop running and not start and the lights and radio will dim fast and there is some electric. If all electric stops then the battery may not be connected and the only way to start is by jumper to the wires at the top of the battery. There may be a corroded connection at the top of the battery, so clean the battery connections. Other connections come from the voltage regulator which can be replaced for about 15 US dollars.

What would cause a car to intermittently shutter when starting and run but then stall later when idling?

Fuel filter was replaced less than a year ago. Battery is original, factory. Car ('02 Saturn SL1) has about 125,000 miles on it. Problem is intermittent and usually occurs after car has been running and is turned off and back on. One final note: The car will turn over, run, all electrical works, no dimming of headlights. Car can be driven but will stall when idling later. Quick fix seems to be simply turning the car off then back on immediately.

My Chevy Malibu will not start I turn the key and all the lights in the car come on but when you try to start the car it just clicks?

you need a new batt.

Does a crank sensor cause your car to not start at all?


How do you know if you need to change your car battery?

Whenever your car doesn't start or you left a light on all night in your vehicle, it usually means you need to replace your battery. You can go to AutoZone or a place like that to have them test to see if you need to replace your battery.

What is the importance of the sleeping car?

Well, the sleeping car can help you rest on the way instead of staying up all night.

What would cause a 1981 Datsun 280ZX to stall while idling or driving all gages go dead and will not start back up for a while?

prob a vacume leak

How do you reset the car alarm on a 1995 Mazda 929 when it is causing the car not to start?

close all of the door then lock and unlock them>alarm should stop nd car should start