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If a car shakes during acceleration the brake rotors may be damaged. If the rotors are damaged they will be unstable as the tires rotates making the whole car shake.

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Q: Car shakes during acceleration
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What would cause a Mercury sable to shake during acceleration?

If your car shakes while accelerating check your motor mounts. Then check your transmission.

Car shakes when the acceleration about 60mph when step on gas but stop after gas off?

Halogen fluid. When it gets low this can happen.

Whats wrong when a car labors shakes and judders and also loses acceleration power?

fuel filter could be clogged or the fuel pump is going out on it.

What does your car do when you need a coil pack on a 1996 cavalier 2.4l?

The car will idle rough and hesitate during acceleration.

What does hesitation during acceleration mean on a 99 rodeo?

Hesitation during acceleration on a 1999 Rodeo means that when the gas pedal is pushed down, the car does not immediately accelerate. It may take a second or two for the car to accelerate in this situation.

Why is it that their is an acceleration when a car is moving?

There is only acceleration if the car's velocity changes. If it moves at a constant velocity, then there is no acceleration.

What causes bucking during acceleration?

Bucking during acceleration can be caused by a low fuel level. When the car is running on fumes, it is not getting a constant supply of gas which will cause it to stop and go.

True or false car has negative acceleration it is slowing down?

false A car can have a negative acceleration and be speeding up. A negative acceleration determines the direction of the acceleration A car with forward acceleration will speed up in the forward direction A car moving forward with a negative acceleration will slow down A car not moving with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction A car moving backward with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction

Why would my car turn over but shakes badly and acceleration is slow CE light on and smell gas?

One or more cylinders are firing badly or not at all. It needs a major tune-up.

What causes a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration?

One of the possible causes of a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration is that the car needs a tune up. The engine misfiring can lead it to jerk as you accelerate.

A 1.20 x 103 kg car accelerates uniformly for 15.0s from rest During this time the car travels 176m north What is the net force acting on the car during this acceleration?


Car slow acceleration?

It is good of a car has a slow acceleration rate. This means that the car will probably be great on gas.

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