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If the check engine light is blinking that means an engine cylinder misfire has been


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Q: Car shakes when turned on. engine light starts blinking on and off?
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What does it mean when the PlayStation 2 is blinking red?

its turned off

My car starts in the morning with a very sharp noise. I turned off the key and took it out. But the engine kept shaking.?


Your engine shudders shakes real bad when warmed up esp in idle. Could this be the compressor even though you have nothing turned on ie ac heatdefrostetc.?

Without much to go on, I would suggest you look for a vacuum leak, especially if the engine runs good under acceleration and only shakes and shudders at idle.

Front of car shakes when braking?

roters need turned. 65;

Check engine light comes on when key turned on but not coming on once engine is turned on why?

It is not supposed to be on when engine is running unless there is a problem.

Service engine soon light blinking vehicle miss while driving?

If the check engine light is blinking that indicates that the catalytic converter will possibly be damaged if you ignore the problem and continue driving the vehicle. i had a car in the shop here last week with that problem and it turned out to be a cracked vacumn hose. I lifted the hood and could hear the hissing sound from the vacumn leak . The crack was in the 90 degree bent hose connected to the PCV valve. This was a GM vehicle with the 3400 engine.

What would cause the Check Engine light to go on and off every 10 min or so?

It is blinking because there is a problem in the emmissions that is causing damage to the catalytic converter. I had this happening and it turned out to be a final warning before the fuel line broke.

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If you boyfriend starts squeezing your butt, it may mean that he is turned on and is trying to turn you on as well.

How long does a car remain running while turned on with a remote car start?

The remote just connects the starter selenoid with the battery, when it completes the circuit, the engine starts and will run until it runs out of gas or the engine is disabled.

Can BMW tell how long the engine light was on?

Most likely, yes. From my experience most manufacturer's computers store how many starts or miles ago the light turned on.

Should the starter gears be in contact with the fly wheel before engaging the starter?

Absolutely not. The starter gear must fully disengage the flywheel gears when you release the starter. Otherwise when the engine starts the starter will continue to be turned by the engine.

When stopping car shakes bad?

You have warped rotors. Have them turned at machine shop or replace them. Also replace the brake pads.

Whirling noise under hood for 10 seconds after engine is turned off?

It is probably your cooling fans. These are electric and may run with the engine turned off. It is probably your cooling fans. These are electric and may run with the engine turned off.

How do you get your check engine light turned off?

When a check engine light comes on, it means that there are issues with the engine. It gets turned off when the person resolves the problem that caused it to turn on.

When you apply brakes the car shakes and shudders what do you do?

You have a warped rotor. Remove the rotors and have them turned at a machine shop or replaced if it it too far gone to turned. Replace the brake pads at the same time.

Blinking 2006 ford escape 4wd light?

I have a 2006 Escape and had the same problem. Turned out to be a cracked ABS Tone Ring.

Your 1994 ford explorer shakes when you apply the brakes any ideas?

most likely warped rotors,have em turned or replaced

How can you get a code on an autoscanner without the engine being turned on?

The key has to be turned to the "Run" position, but the engine should not be running. The key has to be on to power up the ECU.

Why is your engine reving on it's own?

because someone probably turned the engine on

Why wont the key stay in the on position when starting my 1994 z24?

The key is not supposed to stay in the 'On' position when starting a 1994 Z24. When a person starts a vehicle, the key is turned to the far right. When the engine starts the key automatically goes one section to the left. If the key is turning too far and making the engine shut off, then the ignition has to be changed.

You press the brakes and the car is at a full stop it shakes like you could feel the vibration what does this mean?

If you mean when you are coming to a stop, and press on the brakes, you feel a vibration- this most likely means that your brake rotors are warped and need to be turned. If you mean you are already at a full stop, in idle, and you press the brake and feel a vibration- it may mean a vacuum problem in the engine or something like that. So it depends- is it your brakes vibrating, you feel it in the pedal? Or is it your engine suddenly running rough and the whole front end of the car shakes?

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Chrysler front end shakes when you hit the brakes?

Your rotors are warped. You need new brake pads and the rotors turned at a machine shop or replaced.

Why is there no electrical power when the van starts but comes on when when the van is turned off and the key is turned back?

Perhaps a bad ignition switch