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Q: Carries Sperm or urine to the tip of the penis?
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What Carrie the sperm and urine to the tip of the penis?


Where the sperm or urine pass?

Most men and boys have a small opening in the end of their penis. The same opening is used for both sperm and for urine. Some boys who have a specific medical condition might not have the opening in the tip of their penis but might instead it might be situated some place else on their penis, usually somewhere on the underside.

Is there sperm preacent at the tip of the penis?

YES you can. Pre-ejaculation also contains sperm.

What do you mean by orgasms?

An "orgasm" in a male is the release of sperm from the tip of the penis. It is caused by spasmodic contraction of muscles at the base of the penis.

What is ejaculation and how can you tell it has happened?

== == ejeculation is when the sperm comes out of the tip of your penis. you can see it after an orgasm.

How long can a sperm live on tip of a penis after one has evacuated?

As long as it doesn't dry off or isn't wiped off.

When you squeeze the tip of your penis white milky fluid comes out what does that mean?

It's sperm. It's a normal thing, and it is definitely not a disease.

What makes up the prostate?

It consists of three lobes, and surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra (tube that channels urine from the bladder to the outside through the tip of the penis).

If semen is on the tip of a man's penis once sex is over Is there any chance of pregnancy?

No, men do not have ovaries. they cannot reproduce on their own. But if any man keeps the sperm on their tip after sex, they should probably take a shower.

What is a tube that runs the bladder to the tip of the penis?

The tube that runs from the bladder to the tip of the penis is called the urethra.

What is the function of the urethra in the excretory system?

In humans, the urethra carries urine (from the bladder) out of the body, and in males it also carries semen from the testes through the penis (for sexual ejaculation).In both men and women, the urethra is the tube through which urine is excreted from the urinary bladder to outside the body. Urine flows from the bladder out of the body by way of the urethra when the sphincter muscle is relaxed. The urethral sphincter muscle is at the base of the bladder and controls the release of urine from the bladder into the urethra, which then flows out of the meatus (opening at the end of the urethra) when urinating.The urethra is approximately 1 1/2 inches long in females and around 8 inches long in males. The urethral meatus is located at the tip of the penis in men and between the clitoris and vaginal opening in women.In males the urethra also carries semen from the ejaculatory duct outwards through the penis. The semen is directed from the reproductive organs through the vas deferens tube for semen that intersects with the urethra at the prostate gland. A valve there at the base of the urethra directs the flow of either urine or semen through the urethra and out of the meatus.the urethra is the opening where your urine comes out.This is the tube present in both men and women that carries urine from the bladder to the outside world. For obvious reasons it is longer in men than in women, giving men a lower chance of a Urinanry Tract Infection.The function of the Uretha is to transport urine and semen from the male and urine from females out of the body.the urinary systems uretha is the part where that pee comes out.

Is it possible your still a virgin if the tip of the penis went in?

It is possible though not common. It only takes a single sperm to fertilize an egg and any penetration can result in pregnancy.