Cat with worms

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If your cat has worms you need to take he or she to the veterinarian and the cat will either be given a shot or pills or even both.

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Q: Cat with worms
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Related questions

How do you check cat for worms?

If a cat throws up you can check it for worms

If your cat has worms how many worms do they have?

If you cat has worms, then they have more than one worm. There is not set amount of worms that animals get when they have them.

Can a cat get worms by drinking worms?

A cat can ingest worms through their water supply and become infected.

Can you get worms from your cat?

Any house cats can get worms, but it is incredibly unlikely for a human to contract worms from their cat. If a dog comes into your house and has a worm problem or has fleas, then that means that your cat can get worms. The dog gives the cat worms. Or the dog can give your cat's fleas which then feed off of the cat and lay eggs and when the cat licks his or her fur, they digest the eggs and the eggs hatch, allowing the cat to contract worms.

Can a cat with worms infect a human?

Yes the cat may give the human worms

Can a cat with worms infect a clean cat?

A cat with worms can infect a cat that doesn't have worms, so it's best to give both cats (after discussing it with your vet) the worm capsules.

How do you know if a cat has worms?

the cat might throw up. it will constantly be very hungry and you will find worms in the cat's waste

If your cat has worms can you get them?

No, not from the cat but possibly from raw meat

Are cats born with worms?

Only if the mother cat has worms.

Will cat worms live outside the cat?

No. They live inside the cat

How can you tell when your cat no longer has worms?

If a cat's belly is hard and round, it probably has some type of worms.

Can indoor cats get worms?

I think that indoor cats can get worms if a outdoor cat is brought into the lifestyle of the other cat.......... or i think if you give a cat milk too often it can possibly get worms

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