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Categories of data processing?

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2014-11-19 16:10:03

Data is processed to get the required results. Different

operations may be performed on data. Therefore, data processing is

defined as:

"A sequence of operations on data to convert it into useful

information is called data processing."

The important operations that can be performed on data are:

  • Arithmetic and logical operations on data to get required


  • To send and receive data from one location to another.
  • Classification of data.
  • Arranging data into a specific order etc.

The data processing is divided into three categories or


1. Manual Data Processing: In manual data processing,

data is processed manually without using any machine or tool to get

required result. In manual data processing, all the calculations

and logical operations are manually performed on the data.

Similarly, data is manually transferred from one place to another.

This method of data processing is very slow and errors may occur in

the output.

In Pakistan, data is still processed manually in many small

business firms as well as government offices &


2. Mechanical Data Processing: In mechanical data

processing, data is processed by using different tools like

calculators or other mechanical devices. This method of data

processing is faster and more accurate than manual data


3. Electronic Data Processing: It is the modern technique

to process data. The data is processed through computer. Data and

set of instructions are given to the computer as input and the

computer automatically processes the data according to the given

set of instructions.

The computer is also known as electronic data processing

machine. This method of processing data is very fast and accurate.

Now-a-days, the data is processed and analyzed through computers.

For example, the results of students are prepared through computer;

in banks accounts of customers are processed through computers


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