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In general, nations that are poor are more prone to graft and corruption. Being a relatively poor country, the Philippines finds itself in a corrupt situation. Poverty breeds more graft and corruption.

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Q: Cause and effect of graft and corruption in the philippines?
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Effects of graft and corruption in poverty?

i dont know the answer,can uou please answer his?

Is there much corruption in the phillipenes?

Philippines suffers from widespread corruption. Means of corruption include graft, bribery, embezzlement, backdoor deals, nepotism, and patronage.

Introduction of graft and corruption in the Philippines?

The introduction of graft and corruption in the Philippines started by other government officials overlooking little incidents of graft and corruption. When officials saw their peers receiving no reprimand, they started doing bigger acts.

Reaction paper for graft and corruption?

reaction for graft and corruption

What are the effects of graft and corruption in the Philippines?

many Filipinos stay unfortunate. no food,work and clothes.

WHAT is the cause of graft and corruption?

There so many causes of graft and corruption but i only know few of them. Its maybe because of the leadership of the leader. it maybe because of us.

Can corruption in the Philippines can stop?

we can stop the graft and corruption in the Philippines if the people that lives in this country Lind their ears and try to understand the the real problems that ours country pacing about corruption today

How can graft and corruption in the government be eradicated?

In order to minimize graft and corruption, honest and trustworthy political officials must be elected. The are officials who will not stoop to or put up with any level of corruption.

Give 5 examples of economic problems in Philippines?

The 5 common problems in the Philippines 1. Poverty 2. Unemployment 3. High Population 4. Graft and Corruption 5. Peace and order

How can you stop graft and corruption as a student?

start it with yourself

Urban political machines were most often criticized for?

Corruption or graft

What is a sentence using the word graft?

It is quite common for people in positions of political power to become rich through graft and corruption.