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Cest le vie?

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Roughly " That's life" in English, "Asi es la vida" in Spanish.

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C'est Noel, c'est le mois de Decembre.

Apres la vie is 'after life'.

Le droit à la vie was created on 1917-01-05.

Le fonction du systeme musculaire es naide

la = the (feminine) ; le = the (masculin) vie = life dans = in

in french you would say masculine- du ( this breaks down to de le) feminine- de la plural- des so you would say le cirque de la vie

Le meilleur de la vie - 1985 is rated/received certificates of: Portugal:M/16

It can mean: "That's French" (the language) or "it is French" or "that's the Frenchman" or "it is the Frenchman".

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C'est means "it is:" such as the date in french for example "C'est le vingt-sept octobre."

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You are the sunshine of my life!

'The true happiness in life'

The motto of Institut Le Rosey is 'Une École pour la Vie, A School for Life'.

"le temps de votre vie" is "the time of your life", but it looks like a literal translation from English, it is not something a French would say.

The cast of La vie sentimentale de Georges Le Tueur - 1971 includes: Romain Bouteille Patrick Dewaere

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