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# Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse # Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation # For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period.

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You can know the pregnancy status before the due date of periods. It is expensive. There is no advantage to know it before ten days of missed periods.

It all depends, sometimes it does happen then your periods follow a day or two after, but it not you had better take a pregnancy test.

Yes you can, though the accuracy is decreased that early. But you still can.

Leave 8 days before the periods and 8 days after the periods, the gap between this is the unsafe period in which pregnancy is most possible. You can however get pregnant pretty much any day since a orgasm can make you ovulate again.

if you have a period, you are not pregnant. don't, YOLO, be safe and use a condom.

Yes. You can get pregnant on any day of the periods. Abstinence is the only way to prevent the pregnancy. That is probably not possible and is certainly against the law of the nature, too. But there are very less chances of you getting pregnancy at this time of the periods.

Periods stop immediately you get pregnant. Most women are fertile 12-16 days before a period is due. Although most women do not experience periods during pregnancy some women have periods the first couple of months, up to 6 or 7 months and in rare, throughout the entire pregnancy.

ZERO, sperm is very fragile and does not live long after being ejaculated. A woman must be ovulating for pregnancy to occur, not five days before ovulation.

You can at anytime but chances are low unless your on your fertile days

There is no use of finding soon that you are pregnant. If you want pregnancy, you will take nine months to get the baby. If you do not want the baby, it is better to terminate the pregnancy after 15 days of missed periods. There are rather expensive tests, which will tell you about the pregnancy as soon as the pregnancy gets implanted. That is one week before your expected periods or 8 days after conception.

11 days for a pregnancy test. Eight weeks to visit the doctor, which would be two missed periods.

Yes, you could. However, the chances are low. If you miss your period you should take a pregnancy test.

Unlikely you're pregnant but perform a pregnancy test to be certain as the patch should protect you against pregnancy.

The days of periods are safest days when pregnancy is really impossible.

the chances of being pregnant 5 days before period is very slim- i mean it is 30%. but if it is 5 days after period the chance is very high. 5 days before period your 'fertile mucus are not present in the virgina but 5 days after period the fertile mucus are present or preparing to come depending on the woman's cycle. so the chance is limited.

no chances man because when a women is pregnent she han no periods nd when a woman has not periods for 2 months one of cause for this is pregnency

Pregnancy can accur anytime a women ovulates. A women can ovulate anytime of the month, even if they are on their periods!

very high you are very fertile after pregnancy for about 7-14 days they always tell you to use extra protection straight after a full term pregnancy ,termination or miscarriage

The chances of pregnancy with protected sex are low, but if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

If you already had your period after the encounter, chances are you are not pregnant. A shorter period is not an indicator of pregnancy. You will not know for sure until at least 3 weeks after the sexual encounter, at which point you can purchase an over the counter early detection pregnancy test from your local drug store.

The best time to get the pregnancy is 14 days before the expected date of your periods. So if you have the cycle of 28 days, you are most likely to get pregnancy on day 14. If you have the cycle of 30 days, the best period to get the pregnancy on day 16. That means you need to have the sexual intercourse on that particular day. One day before or after does not make much the difference.

Pregnancy in the first trimester does not cause backache -- but periods sure do!

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