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Character of Barbara windsor in eastenders?

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Barbara Windsor plays Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders.

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What character does Barbara windsor play in eastenders?

Peggy Mitchell

Who plays Peggy in EastEnders?

The fictional EastEnders character Peggy Mitchell is played by Barbara Windsor (born Barbara Ann Deeks), who is also well known for staring in Carry On films.

Who is Barbara Windsor?

Barbara Windsor is a legend of television starring in Carry On films and playing Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders.

What is Peggy's real name from eastenders?

Barbara windsor

Why did Barbara Windsor Leave Eastenders?

the character peggy left coz the vic had a fire she got very sad packed her bags and went

What year did Barbara windsor join eastenders?

1994-1993 ish

Can you unscramble aaabbdinorrrsw into the name of a personality?

The anagram is actress Barbara Windsor from Eastenders.

Can you unscramble the celebrity name wroiradsrabnba?

The celebrity is actress "Barbara Windsor" of Eastenders.

How long has Barbara Windsor been in EastEnders?

Her first appearance was in April 1991. :)

What is Peggy's real name in eastenders?

her real life name is Barbara windsor

EastEnders who played peggy mitchell before Barbara windsor?

Jo Warne.

When will Barbara Windsor Leave Eastenders?

She is leaving the soap in the later half of 2010.

How old is Peggy in EastEnders?

The fictional EastEnders character Peggy Mitchell's date of birth is 21 March 1942.Barbara Windsor, the actress who plays Peggy Mitchell, was born on 6 August 1937.

Will Barbara windsor ever return to eastenders?

No she said in 2009 that she would be leaving and never returning to eastenders i saw it in the wikipedia

When did Peggy mitchell first appear in eastenders?

She first appeared in 1991 played by Jo Warne. She then became a regular character in 1994 played by Barbara Windsor.

What TV series did Barbara Windsor appear in?

Barbara Windsor is most known for her role as Peggy Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders and the Carry On films. Born in 1937, Barbara Windsor is married to her third husband Scott Mitchell.

How long has Peggy mitchell been in eastenders for?

She has been a regular character, played by Barbara Windsor, since 1994. She appeared before in 1991 played by Jo Warne.

Why is Barbara Windsor leaving eastenders?

She wants to spend more time with her partner Scott Harvey

Which eastenders actress starred in some of the carry on movies?

Barbara Windsor who plays Peggy Mitchell.

How tall is Barbara windsor?

Barbara Windsor is an English actress who was born on August 6, 1937. She is best known for her role in the Carry On films and as Peggy Mitchell in the soap opera, Eastenders. Barbara stands 1. 5 m tall.

Who is Peggy from eastenders going to marry?

Archie Mitchell. His name in real life is Larry Lamb. Peggy's is Barbara Windsor

Which Cockney actress now best known for her role in EastEnders starred in at least nine Carry On films?

Barbara Windsor

How old is barbra windsor?

Barbara Windsor is Peggy Michel in EastEnders and she plays in many other ting like the carry on films that most people like thanks you for reading

When was Barbara Windsor born?

Barbara Windsor was born on August 6, 1937.

What nicknames does Barbara Windsor go by?

Barbara Windsor goes by The Queen of Carry On, Barb, Little Bird, One-take Windsor, and Babs.