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Characteristic of insects?

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they have them

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What characteristic do hummingbirds use to eat insects?


What is a characteristic of an insect?

Insects are exoskeletal and have invertebrates, but they no back bone

What do all insects have on their heads?

A main characteristic of all insects is a pair of antennae located on their heads. They are the sensing organs in arthropods.

What is a characteristic of some varieties of carnivorous plants?

2. they have modified leaves that trap insects.

Which is a characteristic of some varieties of carnivorous plants?

they have modified leaves that trap insects inside

Is four legs a characteristic of insects?

Of course! Anything that describes a bug is a characteristic. Such as furry,large,striped all describe and are charecteristics of bugs! Try to think of some other ones.

Is 1 pair of antennae a characteristic of insects?

Yep! That, and six walking legs, and wings. They're the only arthropods with wings.

What characteristics distinguish an insect from all other groups of animals?

Insects have six legs, two antannae and three body parts.The most important characteristic that distinguish insects from other groups of animals is its exoskeleton.

What is the characteristic of insects crustaceans and arachnids?

Segmented bodies and many legs. However, animals from the groups differ in their body features and behavior.

Are ants mammals?

No, ants are not mammals. They are insects. The main characteristic of a Mammal is that is gives birth to live young. Ants are hatched from eggs so therefore cannot be categorised as mammals. Ants also have the characteristic three part body of an insect. == ==

How do the mother and father ladybug care for the baby ladybug once born?

No! This is not a characteristic of insects in general, apart from ants and bees and similar colony animals.

What are the characteristics that distinguish insects from other arthropods?

The single greatest characteristic is that all adult insects possess six pairs of legs. There are other characteristics which most, but not all, insects share, i.e. wings, a body divided into head, thorax, and abdomen, and metamorphosis, but these characteristics may be absent in some primitive groups of insect.

Insects called walking sticks possess foliage mimicking defensive strategies What is the more common term for that characteristic?

Perhaps you're looking for the word camouflage.

Which characteristic of water molecules directly contributes to the remarkable water walking success of insects?

This is the surface tension. The value for water is great - 58,85 dyn/cm.

What is the characteristic feature of insects?

body of insects is composed of three regions 1.Head 2.Thorax 3.Abdomen thorax region has three fixed segments from which three pairs of jointed legs and in many one or two pairs of wings rise.

What does the word property mean in math form?

Characteristic. Characteristic. Characteristic. Characteristic.

What are three ant Characteristics?

Some characteristics of ants are that they are social insects, and that they come in shades of black, brown, or red. Another characteristic is that they have bodies that are divided into three sections.

Is a grasshopper an arthopod?

Grasshoppers are classified as arthropods, because of their characteristic segmented bodies, chitinous exoskeleton, and joint appendages. All members of class Insecta (the insects) are arthropods.

How does an inherited characteristic differ from an acquired characteristic?

An inherited characteristic is a characteristic that has been given to you with no expense An acquired characteristic is a characteristic that you have to earn or to achieve

What is a characteristic of many invertebrate groups?

One of the characteristics of many invertebrate groups is that there bodies are made of very many segments. Examples include the worms, spider, starfish and insects.

What is characteristic of software?

what is characteristic of software? what is characteristic of software?

What is a hereditary characteristic?

A hereditary characteristic is a characteristic that you get from your parents.

What characteristic is often genetically engineered in crop plants?

Characteristics most often genetically engineered into crop plants are resistance to herbicides and the production of a substance that kills insects into the plant itself.

What class do insects blong to?

Insects Insects

What the definition of bug?

Although 'bugs' refer to any creepy crawly insects in common English, the actual scientific definition refers to an order of insects called Hemiptera (Half wing) which all share the characteristic of having a proboscis/sucking mouthparts that is injected in an organism and extracts blood/fluid etc...

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