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large, friendly, sometimes defensive, clever, sociable

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Q: Characteristics of a goat
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What are Adaptive characteristics of a goat?

7 adaptative characteristic og a goat

Woodland deity with characteristics of a goat?


Is goat milk consumer producer or decomposer?

Consumer, producer or decomposer are not applicable characteristics for goat milk.

What the difference between a lamb and a goat?

The difference between a lamb and a goat is that a lamb is a completely different breed of animal from a goat. Though both have some of the same characteristics.

What is the difference between a mountain goat and a normal goat?

The difference is that true goats belong to the genus called Capra, and a mountain goat is in a different genus called Oreamnos Americanos. A mountain goat is a goat-antelope because it has characteristics of both these types of animals.

Why does a wildebeests look like a cow a goat and a horse?

All animals have unique characteristics.

How do you prepare goat cheese?

How much goat would a goat goat goat if a goat could goat goat

What is the opposite gender of she-goat?

The opposite of a she-goat (nanny goat, doe) would be a he-goat (billy goat).

Can I make cheddar cheese from goat milk?

No, by definition cheddar cheese is always made from cow's milk. However one could use goat milk in a cheddar cheese recipe to make a cheese, it just would not be cheddar and would have many of the characteristics of other goat cheeses.

What is the opposite of nanny-goat?

A billy goat. A nanny goat is a "she" and the billy goat is a "he".

What feminine of he-goat?

She-goat, nanny or doe.

What is the feminine gender of he goat?

she goat

What is a wither goat?

A wither goat is not a withering goat but is the smallest goat found. A wether goat is a castrated male goat.

What is the opposite gender of he-goat?

She-goat, doe or nanny.

What is the opposite gender of she goat?

The opposite of a she-goat (nanny goat, doe) would be a he-goat (billy goat).

Is there a difference between a goat and a billy goat?

A billy goat is a male goat.

Is a billy goat a male goat or female?

a billy goat is a female goat

What is the gender of he - goat?

Male goat is a Billy (he-goat?).Female goat is a Nanny.Young goat is a Kid.

What is the masculine form of manny-goat?

female = nanny-goat (not a manny-goat)male = billy-goat

Is the Capital One goat the same as the aflac goat?

The capital one goat is an Alpine goat and the Aflac goat is a Nubian.

What is a baby goat goat called?

A baby goat goat is called a kid kid :)

What gender is a goat?

"Goat" is a generic term for the animal and refers to both genders. A male goat is called a "Billy Goat" and a female goat is called a "Nanny Goat". A young goat is called a "Kid".

What is the feminine billy-goat?

Nanny goat.

What is the opposite gender of Man-goat?


What is the female of THE he-goat?

Doe, nanny, she-goat