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1. Adorable

2. Curious

3. Adorable

4. Nosy

5. Adorable

6. Intelligent

7. Adorable

8. Inquisitive

9. Adorable

10. Clever

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large, friendly, sometimes defensive, clever, sociable

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furry, big eyes and big teeth.

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Q: What are the characteristics of an antelope?
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Is an antelope a mammal?


Where is the North Highlands-Antelope Library in Antelope located?

The address of the North Highlands-Antelope Library is: 4235 Antelope Road, Antelope, 95843 2498

How do you spell antelope?


What is a name of an antelope starting with r?

Rhebok, Royal Antelope, Roan Antelope,

What is the world fastest antelope?

the worlds fastest antelope is the Pronghorn Antelope which runs at 61mph :)

Is an nilgai antelope bigger than an eland antelope?

No, the greater eland is the largest antelope.

Are pygmy antelope the same as oribi antelope?

Pygmy antelope is a loose classification of antelope. Antelope that are smaller that 25kg are considered 'pygmy.' This includes Grey Duiker, Suni, Oribi, Steenbok and Klipspringer. Oribi therefore is not the same as pygmy antelope.

Do antelope eat elk?

No antelope are herbivorous

What is a newborn antelope called?

A baby antelope.

What is a baby antelope call?

A baby Antelope is called a Kid.A young antelope is called a calf

Difference in stable antelopes and other antelopes?

I assume that by "sable antelope" you mean "sable antelope", as I have never heard of a stable antelope. A sable antelope is a species of antelope with a black or brown pelt. both genders have long, curved horns, and they have distinctive manes, earning them the nickname "horse antelope." Sable antelope live in savannas. but, if you are not referring to sable antelope and mean something different by stable antelope, then I'm sorry I couldn't help.

What kind of antelope are found in India?

Several species of antelope are native to India, including nilgai, chinkara, blackbuck, Tibetan antelope, and four-horned antelope.