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Tin is a type of metal that is mined underground, and tin and copper melt together to make bronze! tin comes from an ore also miners in Cornwall used to mine for it from the age of 4 to get money. the only book these miners had was The Bible

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Q: Characteristics of tin
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What are the characteristics of layer's ages?

well...magnium, tin, pearls, diamonds, and rubys are characteristics

What are some physical and chemical characteristics of tin carbon?

Physical: carbon is a non-metal and tin is a metal (both are solids at 25 Celsius) Chemical: carbon and tin both have 4 valence electrons.

What are some characteristics and properties of Tin?

Well, since tin is a metal on the periodic table of elements it would have to be: Shiny malleable ductile a good heat conductor a good electrical conductor

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What is the characteristics of tin?

Low melting point, relatively high density, dull silvery appearence, high ductility.

Did rin tin tin discover tin?

~sigh~. No, Rin Tin Tin did NOT discover tin. Rin Tin Tin was a dog.

What are some characteristics of tin?

Luster (reflects light rays\shines), Malliable (i.e. Can be bitting into sheets), Conductivity (i.e. Conducts electricity)

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What is a good slogan for tin?

Tin! Tin! Its what food comes in!When you need to win, remember tin!"Don't like tin? Can it!""Don't like tin? Snap it!"tin - do you really trust alluminum?

What products are made from tin?

cans, tin foil, tin statues, window glass, tin metal, tin packing

What is the use of tin?

Well there are tin cans and tin whistles and tin pan alley

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dog= toto tin man= tin man

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Is tin a liquid or a solid when it's mined?

Tin is a solid when mined. However the solid is not tin, but a tin ore (one or more tin compounds) and the tin will have to be separated. The most common compounds in tin ores are tin oxides and sulfides.

What are the characteristics of a cylinder?

A cylinder is a 3 dimensional shape that looks like a tin can and its opposite circular ends are parallel to each other with a rounded body.

What can tin be used for?

tin cans, tin cars and tin paper for school plays etc.

What was George Remi's first tin-tin book?

tin-tin and the land of the soviets

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What do they use for the element tin for?

Tin cans, tin foil...

Can you give a sentence with the word tin?

A tin can is made out of tin.

How do you get tin out of a tin ore?

you heat the tin ore and carbon together to produce tin and carbon dioxide

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Rin Tin Tin was a dog; a German shepherd to be exact.