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Characteritics of dogs?

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can be: 1. energetic 2. Playful 3. Loveable 5. Hyper 6. Creative Meaning: Means what can a dog be.

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What are the common characteritics of the inner planets?

they are small and have rocky surfaces

What are 2 characteritics of a thunderstorm?

Loud noise and lightning flashes

What characteritics do tundra animals have?

White or brown fur , grey , brown or black feathers .

What is the characteritics of coelenterates?

hollow bodies, tentacles ,mouth only opening,thin flat bodies..

What Are The Characteritics A Person Has To Have To Become or Be A Soldier Or Marine?

Honor, commitment, endurance and the willingness to give of yourself

What are the characteritics of covalent compounds?

Covalent compounds usually exist as small, seperate molecules. Although there are exceptions such as diamond and graphite.

How does Darwin's principle of descent with modification explain the characteritics of todays species?

Yes, but it needs some additions like Mendelian Genetics that Darwin did not have. These additions have already been made.

Are dogs hot dogs?

Dogs are not hot dogs even though dogs is in the word hot dogs so dogs r not hot dogs

List of describing words for the word dogs?

The word 'dogs' is a noun. The words that describe nouns are adjectives.Examples of adjectives to describe dogs are:big dogssmall dogsgood dogsnaughty dogspurebred dogstrained dogsfriendly dogsspotted dogsbeautiful dogsnice dogspet dogslovable dogs

What do dogs exist for?

There are pleasure dogs such as pets and then there are working dogs such as sled dogs, seeing eye dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs.

What are some of the jobs that dogs can do?

Service dogs, bomb sniffing, drug dogs, military/ police dogs, rescue dogs, body sniffing dogs, show dogs.

Plural of a dog is an animal?

No the plural of dog is dogs, but yes dogs are animals.

How are the dogs arranged on a dog team?

There is the lead dog, then the 2 swing dogs, then the team dogs, then the 2 wheel dogs. The team dogs are any dogs between the swing dogs and the wheel dogs.

What is the possessive noun for where the dogs stay?

The possessive form of the plural noun dogs is dogs'.The dogs stay:in a dogs' kennelin the dogs' housesin the dogs' owners' housesin the dogs' cages at the pet shop

What is the collective noun for dogs?

Collective nouns for dogs is a pack of dogs or a kennel of dogs. A list of collective nouns for dogs is: A kennel of dogs. (general) A litter of dogs. (puppies) A pack/cry/mute of dogs. (hounds) A cowardice of dogs. (curs) A pack of dogs. (wild)

Are dogs fish?

No, dogs are not fish. Dogs are mammals.Dogs are dogs and fish are fish. But dogs do fishing, I mean they can catch fish if they want.

Are dogs chickens?

What???? no dogs are dogs

What dogs are house dogs?

house dogs are dogs that live inside and not outside

When was Dogs is Dogs created?

Dogs is Dogs was created on 1931-11-21.

Do female dogs get along better with female dogs or male dogs better?

female dogs get along better with male dogs Male dogs.

What types of dogs are in the world and how many?

how many: around 900 at the most. what types: sporting dogs ( or gun dogs ), miniature dogs, spaniels, hounds, working dogs, herding dogs, terrieres, toy dogs, and sleigh dogs.

Do all dogs have fleas?

No all dogs do not have fleas because some dogs are outside dogs and when dogs get fleas there from outside

Why are dogs called dogs and not cats?

Beacuse dogs look better called dogs than dogs called cats.

What is male dogs name?

female dogs are 'bitches', male dogs are just 'dogs'

Do dogs win in the movie cats and dogs?

The dogs win in the movie cats and dogs.

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