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Cheats for unlock all airplanes of gtasanandreas on ps2?


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i don't know but to get a beagle go to fort Carson and search all around the area i usually look for beagles heading for las venturas and they appear in a cars parking place you will need 2 cheats first circle,right,circle,right,left,square,triangle,up. that will stop the police from getting you if you are already in lv you wont need one you do need otherwise the beagle will blow up enter: r1,r2,l1,x,left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up this will give you $250,000 full health and armor giving you the ability to repair vehicles while inside them fly the beagle away and there you go!!! if you want a rustler you need to be at san fierro buy the house near to the stadium and gym it will have a big garage just enough to fit a rustler it has a blue garage door then grab a two truck which can be located at red county coal mining services get to san fierro once you have it go to the hangar with a rustler in it connect get to the house mentioned earlier put the rustler inside the garage and when the garage closes go back and take off!!! [ive never succeeded in this i found it on youtube] you can also unlock every plane by completing mike torenos missions.