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Formula: H2O(s)

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Q: Chemical formula for ice?
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What is the chemical formula of dry ice and ordinary ice?

Chemical formula for dry ice is CO2Chemical formula for "ordinary" ice is H2O

What is the chemical name and formula for dry ice?

Dry ice is carbon dioxide. The chemical formula is CO2.

Is ice a chemical?

Ice is a chemical with a chemical formula depending on the state as wet or dry.

What is the chemical formula for ice?

Its formula shall be written as H2O(s)

Is melting ice into water a chemical change?

No. It is a physical change. The chemical formula for water is H2O, and that is also the chemical formula for ice. So there is no chemical change taking place, only a change in the state of matter.

What is the chemical formula and name for yogurt?

There is no chemical formula for a mixture. Water has a chemical formula, soft drink, milk, yogurt, wood does not. Rust has a chemical formula, however, yogurt, ice cream, pancakes have a recipe - no chemical formula.It is a mixture, not a compound

What is chemical formula for dry ice?

CO2 (s)

Chemical formula dry ice?


Chemical formula for liquid ice?

Liquid ice is waterSo, the formula will be H2O(l) [It is L in the lower case]

Is a ice pack a chemical change?

Nope - ice and water both have the same chemical formula. The only change is with temperature.

Dry ice chemical formula?

Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide (CO2).

What is the chemical formula for ice cream?

Vanilla Ice-cream, not counting flavours is C12H25013NaCl

What is the correct formula for dry ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. It has the chemical formula CO2. The correct formula for dry ice( cardice), which is solid carbon dioxide, is CO2.

Is water a chemical formula for water ice or both?

The chemical formula for water is H2O. The chemical formula stays the same even if water is in a different state (solid, liquid or gas).

What is the formula for ice?

Ice is a generic term for the solid state of substances that are normally liquid or gaseous in nature. Ice made from water has the chemical formula of H2O.

What is the chemical formula for the liquid ice?

It's still H2O.

What do ice water and steam have in common?

Ice, water and steam all have the same chemical formula.

When ice melts why can you tell there is not a chemical change?

Melting is not a chemical change because the chemical formula of water remain unchanged.

Is ice melting physical or chemical property?

a physical change, it's chemical formula is still H2O

Why is melting of ice considered as a physical change?

The basic property of ice is the chemical compound H2O. The chemical compound does not change while the ice melts, nor when the water evaporates. The chemical formula does not change. Therefore, it is a physical change of the compound, not a chemical change.

Explain why water freezing is not a chemical change?

Because the chemical formula remain the same - liquid water or ice or vapour.

Which formula and name of the chemical sold as ice-melt?

potassium Chloride KCl

Why is melting of an ice cube is a physical change?

Because the chemical formula of water is not changed.

How is liquid water ice and water vapor similar?

The chemical formula is the same -H2O.

Does ice contain elements?

Ice is solid water. Water is a chemical compound, with the formula H2O, which contains atoms of the elements Hydrogen and Oxygen.