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As long as you're not on Welfare, contact child support enforcement.

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Yes, but you will probably lose. Child support orders normally end when the child turns 18.

Back Child support does NOT end. I just reopened a case for a child that is 21 and has been in the military for 3 years. The father (or mother) has to pay any BACK PAY if the judge has determined in the past that it is owed. In this case I am going to collect $6,700 from 1993. they have already started garnishing his wages and his tax returns

Why is he still paying the support if the child is 25? IFit's because he was behind in the payment and therefore owes back support, then that continues until it's paid in full.Otherwise, he can return to the court and file papers to end support. He has to take a positive action to make it end.

They end. The child may be entitled to Social Security benefits from the father.

This depends on a couple of things, the state you are in and what your court order says. If the child is living full time with one parent it is the other parent who pays child support. However, if the child is living with the father for the summer (summer possession) the father will still continue to pay the mother child support even though the child temporarily is living with the father. The reason for this is the mother still has bills that are keeping the house and such for the child to come back too. The only way a father will not have to pay is if the court order says that during summer possession the father does not have to pay child support, but normally in this case the mother would not be obligated to pay child support to the father. However in the end, people should do what is best for the children and not worry about the dollars they receive or don't receive.

Yes. Child support orders are not seasonal since a child's right to be supported by their father is not limited according to the season. A child's needs and rights do not end in the summer. The child support order must be followed.

Yes, any changes in the child support order has to be done in court. It does not end automatically.

Supposedly, visitation is not connected to child support. However, if a warrant is out there, your child could end up not being cared for. Perhaps you should seek legal advice as to whether this is a reasonable worry.

The terms of the support order dictate when child support is to end. If the court order does not stipulate a specific time the support can end when the minor child reaches the age of majority. In New Jersey the age of majority is 18.

Not supporting at all if there is a child support order can mean he will end up in prison. Not seeing the child for a 1-2 years can mean the mother can apply to have his rights removed but the child support will stay.

That depends on the child support laws of your state and how long you have been the legal or presumed father. In most states if you have been the legal father for at least four years it does not matter if you are not the child's biological father. You will still be held to be the child's legal father and required to pay child support unless you can locate the child's biological father. You have to actually file a petition in court to end your responsibility for child support and you really will need a family law attorney to assist you. The attached link has a family law attorney directory. In most States you can file a Petition to Disestablish Paternity. You generally must be current on your child support payments to do so. With the DNA evidence you can get the child support abated if you are not the Father.

I took my child's father off child support some years ago. I went to the Child Support Enforcement Agency, talked to a case worker and told her I wanted to take my child's father off child support. I think they asked the reason why I wanted him off. But anyways at the end they said to sign some paperwork and they also asked if I wanted him to pay the arrearage he owed and I also said no to that. And that's how my children's father got off of child support.

That depends on what your child support order says. In Oregon child support can be ordered after 18 if the child is a student. Check your child support order.

If you are asking how, as a non-custodial parent, you can end the requirement that you pay support for your child, the answer lies in your support agreement and/or state law. Child support will end when the child has attained the age referenced in the agreement or the age referenced by the law in your state.

If the father is O and the mother is A, the child can end up either A or O.If the father is O and the mother is AB, the child can end up either A or B.

Yes, but that does not relinquish the obligation to pay child support. All it does is relinquish your right to see your child and have any type of decision making power in their lives. If the child is placed for adoption or your ex marries and their spouse adopts you child, your support obligation will end.

See Link BelowChild Support Age-At what age does child support stop and what steps need to be taken to bring this about?

See Link BelowChild Support Age-At what age does child support stop and what steps need to be taken to bring this about?

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