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Chinas current population?

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According to 2011 census, it is 1,344,130,000

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What is chinas current population?


What is chinas population?

== == chinas population is approximatly 1.3 billion

How much bigger is China's population then the UK?

1,345,751,000 (Chinas' population) 61,113,205 (Uks' population) Chinas' population is larger then Uks' population by 1284, 637, 795

What is Chinas total population?

1,355,000,000 This is the population for 2010.

What percentage of China?

the percentage of chinas population in the world is 28.586% the percentage of chinas land in the world is 12.557523%

What percentage of the world is Chinas population?


What had to happen for chinas population to grow?

There are several things that happened for Chinas population to grow. There were multiple births in a given year with low infant mortality rates which contributed to the rapid growth of the population.

Who is Chinas leader?

China's current President is Hu Jintao, and the Premier is Wen Jiabao.

Chinas population compared to world?

RankCountry / TerritoryPopulationDate of estimate % of World Population1 China1,339,810,000October 2, 201019.5%

Population number of people in China?

Chinas population was recorded as just over 1.3 billion people (1,330,044,605) in mid 2008

Where does most of Chinas population live?

in the valleys and plains of the Chang Jiang, Huang He, and Xi river.

Chinas population density?

Population density in China was last measured at 144.10 in 2011, according to the World Bank. Population density is midyear population divided by land area in square kilometers.

What are the positive effects of chinas one child policy?

Less populationLess overcrowdednessLess pollutionLess competition

What is chinas largest city?

Chinas largest city I believe is Bejing but Im not 100 percent sure.

Why is that China has bigger population than Russia?

Chinas first leader encouraged everyone to have lots of babies so they could have a large army.

Is chinas economy good?

No it is not.

What is Chinas geography?


Who are Chinas allies?


What was Chinas involvement in the Cold War?

There were two Chinas in the cold war. Communist China and Nationalist China (Taiwan).

Chinas capital city?


What is Chinas land?

Land of Contrast!

What are chinas major resources?


What is Chinas climate like?


What are Chinas conflicts?

Disputes in the ROC.

What is chinas key religion?


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