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Cheng Ho

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Q: Chinese admiral who assembled a fleet of 63 ships for voyages of exploration?
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Chinese Muslim admiral who led seven voyages of exploration in the early 1400s?

zheng he, do your own home work ;)

The Chinese emperor sent Admiral on seven voyages to the West between 1405 and 1433?

Admiral Zhenghe

Did the chinese make many voyages in the late 1400s?

The ocean-going voyages of the early 1400s, under Admiral Zheng He, came to an end in the 1430s.

What were the mongol ascendancy in china and medieval Ming dynasty like?

Chinese Admiral in the Indian Ocean. In the early 1400s, Zheng He led the largest ships in the world on seven voyages of exploration to the lands around the Indian Ocean, demonstrating Chinese excellence at shipbuilding and navigation.

What Chinese ruler attempted to expand China's tribute system by sponsoring voyages of exploration?

zheng he

Sailed to many parts of the world for China?

Cheng Ho (or Zheng He) was a Chinese diplomat, mariner, explorer and admiral explorer who lived between 1371-1433. Over the course of 28 years (1405 to 1433) he undertook seven voyages of exploration to southeast Asia, the Middle East and East Africa.

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Who was the leader of exploration and trading voyages?

Zheng He

How many voyages do Samuel DE Champlain make?

He made 3 voyages of exploration.

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