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Q: Chlorine smell of pool water is not in fact due to chlorine when chlorine hits water some of it reacts with the water in the following way?
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Why do car batteries smell like chlorine?

sometimes chlorine is in them and also some people mistake the smell of chlorine for the smell of sulfur a different element.

What does chlorine smell of?

Chlorine smells very similar to bleach. Swimming pools are normally disinfected with chlorine and you may be able to smell it at one. Most people would tell you that at swimming pools it is the Chlorine you can smell, but actually it's the Chlorine reacting with substances in the water i.e. Urine

Should the smell of chlorine in your hottub sting your nose?

The way are sense of smell works the smell of chlorine in hottubs should not sting your nose.

What does chlorine from a pool smell like?

Generally if chlorine level is maintained between 1-3ppm you should not smell chlorine. As the level rises it becomes noticable, however most complaints about chlorine smell are due to chloramines (even in a clear & clean pool), chlorine molecules which are bound by swimmer wastes and/or bacteria introduced to the pool. This problem can be confirmed by a reputable pool shop by testing your water. Fix it by oxidising your pool regularly during the swimming season and let the pool breathe by removing the cover for the following hour or so.

Does chlorine have odour is it worse than wastewater?

If you have ever smelled laundry bleach, or been in a swimming pool and noticed a smell to the water- that is the smell of chlorine (in a fairly mild form). Pure chlorine gas is pale green, has a choking, burning smell, and is deadly to breathe. Whether it is "worse" than the smell of wastewater would depend on the purity of the chlorine you smell- the more pure, the worse the smell.

What does jizz smell like?

It is often said to smell like chlorine.

What does semen smell like?

It is often said to smell like chlorine.

What does bleach smell like?

Bleach smells of chlorine because if you add an acid to bleach, you will produce chlorine gas.

What is a safe chlorine for swimming?

Someone/something changed the original question and that is probably why it has not been answered.Safe levels for chlorine are 1.5 ppm to about 5.0 ppm. of free chlorine. You should have a test kit that will give you free chlorine readings as opposed to just a chlorine residual. Free chlorine is what sanitizes the pool water. If you can smell a chlorine odor coming from your pool then you do not have enough chlorine in the water.K

Why is bleach alkaline and smell like chlorine?

because it is

Is pungent smell of chlorine a physical property?


What do ozone generators smell like and do?

they smell like a room of chlorine, and they eliminate bacteria smell