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Q: Chondriana does this product reverse the aging process?
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Does chondriana reverse the aging process?

No. Condriana is a dormant part of your immune-system. It needs high ATP/GTP levels to become active. ATP/GTP on the other hand will reverse aging of cells.

How can I reverse the aging process?

the simple answer is you can't

Aquamarine water can this reverse the aging process?

It is only a phantasy.

Who wants to join Johnboy and help make this planet a safer and healthier place to live for eternity on as the technology is now here for reversing the aging process 381 xx?

Chondriana reverses the ageing process. Also Aquamarine water. Johnboy

What happens if human beings move with the speed of light?

Your aging process would reverse and you would not age. If you went faster then the speed of light you would physically look younger (Hense the reverse aging process).

What does new research show that may be able to help reverse this process?

I don't know for sure, but I think nanotechnology could reverse the aging process via nanobots. So far, nanobots can eliminate cancer in rats. I know that drinking plenty of water can slow aging. Maby proactive con also help. but i think it is impossable to reverce aging. But in the future we can reverse it.

Is there any way to revert aging so you become a child again?

Currently, there is no way to revert the aging process. Though, the closest we've gotten to reverse aging is freezing bodies, and by freezing, it stops the aging process. Now we just have to find a way to step backwards from freezing bodies.

Will an anti aging vitamin help reverse damage to my body?

An anti aging vitamin will not help reverse damage to the human body. Nothing can reverse the damage you have done.

Is it possible to reverse human aging?

no that is not possible

What actors and actresses appeared in Reverse Aging Now - 2006?

The cast of Reverse Aging Now - 2006 includes: Carolisa Pomerantz as herself

What are the release dates for Reverse Aging Now - 2006?

Reverse Aging Now - 2006 was released on: USA: 26 January 2006 (TV premiere)

How can you reverse aging?

In life you cannot. In games it is silly.

Senescence is the process of what?


Does HGH work?

It's said that HGH supplementation does indeed help to slow the aging process. Although I doubt very much it will slow aging to the extent some product manufacturers may claim.

When does the aging process begin?

From the womb.

When does aging process start?

when you are born.

What is the heat treatment used to harden Aluminium?

The process is called Aging. Aging is a natural process but can also be donne artificial by elevating the temperature and then it is called Artificial Aging.

How long is the aging process of cheddar cheese?

the aging time for cheddar cheese is approximately 15 months. the cheese must stay at a steady temperature the whole aging process.

Doctor Who studies the aging process?


What is the doctor called for aging process?


What food is anti aging?

Aging is natural process but you can prevent aging. Diet play very important role in prevent aging. There are various foods that prevent aging process such as tomato, berries, green tea, yoghurt, fist, nuts, avocado, pomegranate etc. To know more about anti aging foods

What do you call a person who studies the aging process?

gerontology is the study of aging gerontologist is the person who studies it

What is the correct way to say this statement No one knows how to stop the process of aging or Everybody doesn't know how to stop the process of aging?

the first one

What are the benefits of Strivectin skin products?

Strivectin skin products help prevent aging in the skin, specifically for the face. The product has chemicals and vitamins that both make one visually younger, and help prevent the chemical aging process in the skin.

What is the medical term meaning study of the process of aging?

Gerontology is the medical term meaning study of aging.