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The chemical formula of chromium (III) trisulfide is Cr2S3.

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No. CrS3 is chromium VI sulfide. Chromium III sulfate is Cr2(SO4)3

The chemical formula of chromium(III) nitrite is Cr(NO2)3.

The chemical formula of chromium iodate is Cr(IO3)3.

Chromium VI sulphate Cr(SO4)3

Chromium(III) nitrate is Cr(NO3)3

One version of this formula is Cr(C2H2O2)3.

CrPbecause Cr (chromium) has a 3+ chargeand P (phosphorus) has a 3- charge

The chemical formula for chromium (III) sulfate is Cr2(SO4)3.

Iron III Sulfide is a compound consisting of 2 atoms of iron and 3 atoms of sulfur. The formula for Iron III Sulfide is Fe2S3.

Two Chromium Atoms, and 3 Oxygen Atoms. (Cr2O3)

Chromium (VI) carbonate

The chemical formula of chromium nitrate is Cr(NO3)3.

This formula is Cr(NO2)3. (Nitrite is a polyatomic anion with formula NO2-1.)

Cr(SCN)3 is the chemical formula for the Chromium (III) Thiocyanate. This is because Chromium (III) has a charge of +3 while Thiocyanate has a charge of -1. To balance the charges, we switch the 2 charges. So we have 1 ion of chromium (III) with 3 ions of thiocyanate.

Assuming the 3 oxidation state of chromium.CrCl3====

Chromium(II) nitrate: Cr(NO3)2Chromium(III) nitrate: Cr(NO3)3

Chromium(III) Sulphate is Cr2(SO4)3 . Chromium(II) Sulphate (much rarer) is CrSO4

The chemical formula of chromium sulfite is Cr2(SO3)3.

Chromium sulfuric acid is dissolved chromium sulfate hydrate crystal (linear formula Cr2(SO4)3 · xH2O).

Chromium III is Cr3+. The roman numeral tells you the charge. Sulfide is S2-. You can figure this out from the periodic table. Sulfur needs two electrons to be like Argon, the next noble gas. When they form a compound, they combine in a ratio such that the total positive charge balances the total negative charge. 2 Cr3+ ions have a total charge of +6. 3 S2- ions have a total charge of -6. So the formula is Cr2S3.

The chemical formula of chromium nitrate is Cr(NO3)3.

The chemical formula of chromium nitrate is Cr(NO3)3.

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