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Q: Chrysalids what is found sailing to the north east?
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What is the sailing route from Hawaii to California?

east north east

Where did David in the chrysalids live?

Labrador, it is a part of the province of Newfoundland on the (slightly north) east coast of Canada.

If you are sailing north through the Bering Strait what is the land mass to the east?


Where is 32 degrees north of east?

"32 degrees north of east" could be the direction in which you're walking, sailing, driving, or flying, but it's not a location.

From which ocean would an explorer sailing east around the Cape of Good Hope travel?


Where is quicksand found in North Carolina?

Qiucksands in California are found in East north California.

Why did christopher Columbus come to north America?

He went to prove that you could go east by sailing west

What can be found in every North East State?

What makes logging such an important industry in the north east

Were is Egypt found?

North east Africa

Where are magnolia trees found?

They mostly found in East North America

Which country is between Australia and Canada?

If you go directly North west there are parts of Indonesia, Africa, and Spain. however if you go north east it is clear sailing.

What hemisphere does north America and South America found in?


What is found on the east coast of north America?

The Atlantic Ocean

What sea is found to the north east of Australia?

The Coral Sea.

What country is found east of Pakistan?

India is found directly east of Pakistan, except in the far north of the country, where heading east would bring you into China.

What other continents can be found in three hemispheres?

THREE: Antarctica (South, East, West) Australia & Oceania (South, East, West) Europe (North, East, West) North America (North, East, West) South America (South, North, West) FOUR: Asia (North, South, East, West) Africa (North, South, East, West)

Where are the Netherlands found?

South-East of the North Sea, East of the UK, North of France and Belgium, West of Germany. But only if one searches.

What continent is found South and to the East of North America?

South America

What part of Antarctica is nickel found in?

in the west east north and south

Where are boa found?

in round island:in the north east pf MAURITIUS

What country is Djibouti found in?

Djibouti is a country in North East Africa

Which of these countries in Africa is found at 10 north 40 east?


Where can jade be found in China?

jade can be found at the very north of mongolia, or the hole east coast

Where are epiphytes found?

what kind of epiphytes are found in the flood planes of north east u.s. forests

What is North north east?

North North East is the area in between North East and North. You know how North East is between North And East? Well, North, North, Eats is between North East and North. When it's between North East and East, it's called North, East, East. Same goes for North, south east and west. Just remeber. Might come in handy.