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Q: Civil War era expansion in government power?
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What did the civil war do in relation to the power of the federal government?

The Civil War increased the power of the Federal government.

How were the Bolsheviks able to seize power from the proviaional government?

The Bolsheviks did not seize power during the Russian Civil War. They had already seized governmental power from the Provisional Government in 1917. The civil war is generally figured to have started in 1918. The Bolsheviks managed to retain their power, not seize it, by winning the civil war.

What power did the civil war question?

The Civil War raised the question of states' rights. The power of the federal government to make laws affecting the states and territories, and the power of the federal government to force states to remain in the union, were key ideas.

What was the result of Rome's expansion?

civil war

During the Civil War which side wanted to limit the power of the federal government?

The South.

The power relationship that changed most as a result of the Civil War was the increase in the power of the?

Federal government over the states

How did the civil war change the balance of power between state government and federal government?

The event that the Civil War had the federal government was the Secession of the Southern States.

Which industry underwent tremendous expansion in the thirty years after the Civil War?

The industrial industry underwent a tremendous expansion in the thirty years after the Civil War. The Industrial expansion of the US occurred from 1860 to 1897.

What issue divided America in the first half of the 19Th century?

the expansion of slavery ! @tjoness <---- follow that guy

What did the civil war decide?

The power of the Federal Government versus States Rights and the issue of slavery.

How did the power of government change during the civil war and great depression?

Presidential powers were expanded

Compare the expansion of government power during World War I and World War 2?

This question does not indicate which government, nation or type of expansion. In Europe during World War 2 monarchies ruled the nations and there were no expansions. They had to give up their monarchies after World War 1. This allowed nationalism and democracy to begin in Europe. When Hitler came into power he changed Germany's rule to a dictatorship. Then after World War 2 Germany was able to return to democratic type government. In the US the only type of expansion was the United Nations being established in New York City.