Reconstruction Era

The Reconstruction Era was the period of time directly following the Civil War, during which the Southern United States faced great changes politically, economically, and socially. While most historians consider Reconstruction to have been a failure, it was an impactful chapter in the history of American civil-rights.

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What was the most important thing that freed slaves wanted?

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After their freedom, most slaves wanted to become farmers in that they were well experienced in that form of work since they were youths. They wanted to keep their families together, if they had them, and to remain in the South and enjoy the freedoms of all other US citizens, including the valued freedom to vote and hold public office if so chosen. Unfortunately, the post war Reconstruction Era was a disaster for many, but not for all Freedmen and Freedwomen. To avoid being murdered and terrorized by Southerners, many slaves sought the safety of the North or the expanding western frontiers.The problems they did face, despite being free citizens, was white prejudice even in the North. This problem would not solved until the 1960's. For some ancestors of slaves, many Afro-Americans have yet to be treated fairly, however, with that said, their progress has made most Black people middle class citizens.

What caused the reconstruction era to start?

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The Reconstruction Era occurred right after the civil war. So the civil war caused the reconstruction era to begin.